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I have an Macbook Air Snow Leopard 10.6.8, using Mail 4.5. I recently came back from abroad and did a bit of filing of work e-mails while on the plane, this was done with Mac Mail being offline. I am now back in the office with my Macbook, connected to the network, back online, but the changes I made while I was offline does not "appear on"/"sync to"  exchange 2010, I really don't want to re-do all the filing again, so help would really be appreciated!!. I add that I can send and recieve mails now that I am online, but the changes made before, when I was offline don't seems to implement on the exchange.


Also is there a way to force my Macbook Air to push these changes to exchange?



MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Hi, exactly the same issue that I am experiencing, did some work on a plane moving/deleting emails offline.  The changes that I made are showing up in MacMail but not on the Exchange server.  The account is working fine, can send and receive emails without trouble but all of the changes that I made before are not syncing.  Have tried restarting mail, rebooting computer, deleting and reinstalling the account.  Using Lion, Mail 5.3, MacBook Pro.  OS 10.7.5.  Thanks!