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If I bought Logic Studio 3 weeks ago for $749.00,  Do you think I could take it back and buy the 'on its own version of logic 9' ,for the now price of $199.00? I would think anyone in my shoes would find this extremely frustrating. And I think even a store credit will do nicely as I plan to buy a new macbook pro in 2 weeks from the same mac store!(hopefully not on the cusp of a massive price drop)

Does anyone think I would be able to change it or anything? I cant imagine a worse day to have bought logic 9.

I asked them at the time if they had logic on its own and they didnt.Suggestions??


  • Blueberry Level 4 Level 4

    Wrong forum! You have to contact Apple for an answer to that question.

  • spraycola Level 1 Level 1

    or... you can get it refunded for store credit to buy an ipad, and make smash hits using garageband.... because clearly, you will have tons of issues with logic.

  • Danielwray Level 1 Level 1

    ahaaaa ! garageband is hardly a substitute dude. . u mmight like it, But I run a professional studio for musicians.

    & I can use logic (& ableton) quite alright on a macbook pro 17'' (or any decent mac for that matter)

    This post was about the 'price' & refund of a purchase, Not the prospect of what I should or shouldnt use..

    I'm not sure my clients would be too happy about hiring a studio with garageband on it...

    & also, this post is old as u can see on the date. 

    But thax 4 ur (cough cough) 'suggestion'...

    btw, I do realise this was posted int he wrong forum (clearly) ;-)

    take care

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    lol, I was being sarcastic.


    I am simply dissapointed by OpenCL, and the recent FCX release.


    So much that I am assuming the next Logic release will hold all the same values...


    1. less productive.

    2. more user-friendly.

    3. incomplete.