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I have recently subscribed to iTunes Match on the cloud and noticed some album artwork was not showing up on my iPad.  I read several posts from people having the same issue.  After kicking this around I found a fix that has worked every time for me and may help you as well.


Overview:  The art was on my iTunes library, but some art did not make it to the iCloud and was not showing on my iPad - "Albums" Section of iTunes while streaming.


1). Identify an album that is missing the art from your mobile device.


2). Go to that album and select the first song from iTunes (All Songs) on your computer.


3). With the song selected do a "Command i" to expose GET INFO for that particular song.  There are several tabs at teh top of this GET INFO window... the last one is ARTWORK.


4). Click on the art then drag a copy to your desktop.


5). Go back to the GET INFO and highlight the artwork once again and click DELETE ...then OK.


6). Poof, the artwork will be deleted from the GET INFO and will no longer show for that song.


7). Go back to GET INFO window. (command i) ... click ADD in the ARTWORK tab.


8). Select the art file from your desktop (or where ever you dragged / saved the original to), click OK.  I used a few personal pictures for some art and it worked too!


I did several this way and once I was done I did an UPDATE iTUNES MATCH from iTunes (found on the STORE Tab...not the store itself). I closed iTunes on my iPad and re-opened it...presto, the art work came in. 


My ARTIST tab still has a few missing covers but it is coming!


Hope this works for you!



iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, iTunes Match Art Work
Solved by Sansimeon on Dec 21, 2011 6:18 PM Solved

Got it fixed for the single songs, change the album artist to AAAA then clear the album artist and all is looking good.  worked each time

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    Yes, you embedded the artwork into the original file on your harddrive that way. That is the only way to get artwork embedded into the file which is what match recognizes.  It does not recognize what is in itunes but rather what is on your file that is in itunes.  If you do this with all your albums, as I have, you will never need to add album art to your tracks again.  If you delete the album from itunes, when you add it back it will be still have that artwork.  But you can never download artwork from itunes on the edited tracks again.

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    Thanks for the confirmaton! 


    Well, I was feeling pretty smug for a minute about getting the artwork sortted out on the ALBUMS TAB (while on my iPad streaming in).  Then I clicked the ARTIST TAB and there are tons of missing covers, when I click the Artist that has no art, it opens to show the song(s) and the artwork is there!   Hmmm, any idea why would there be no art for the artist (main file) but when you open the artis to show the songs all the art is there?



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    I'm assuming you mean when no art for the album and then when you open the album it shows the cover at the top?


    Check all your songs in itunes and make sure that all songs in an album have the artwork.  Sometimes if one song does not have it right it will not show the artwork on the outside.  Especially if it is the first song.

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    Thanks for the tip!  I did find a few songs that had differing art files, cleaned them up and I am almost 100% now! 


    While on my iPad.... all of the art is now on my ALBUMS tab but when I go to the ARTIST tab there are a few holes, the interesting thing is that all the holes are of an Artist that I only have one song / album for.  If I touch the Artist it flips to the song and the artwork is showing...just not on the main file (i.e. the art is there for the album, just not showing for the Artist....if that makes sense...I'm getting confused...LOL).


    It is strange that it is ONLY for an artist with one album and one song in my library...bizzar!


    Thanks again!



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    Were these songs that you already had on your ipad and match did not replace them?


    I had a few like that.  Just delete them off and then try redownloading them with match and see if that fixes it.

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    Actually none of the songs reside on my iPad, they are all streaming in over iTunes Match / iCloud...which is working awesome!  I love it... keeps me from eating valuable memory real estate on the iPad.


    I can't see a pattern, some art shows some does not for Atrists with one song, one album.  Album art is 100%.  I have redone the art, no change.


    I'll keep kicking at it and let you know if I figure it out... it may be an order in night!



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    I have exactly the same situation, single artist one song one album and no artwork on the artist tab.

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    Got it fixed for the single songs, change the album artist to AAAA then clear the album artist and all is looking good.  worked each time

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    Changing the "Artist Album", saving then changing it the artis name worked!!  THANK YOU!!!


    As fast as I change them they are popping up correct!  SWEET!!


    Thanks so much,




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    No way! That sounds really time consuming. No way! This alternative sounds crazy to me. iTunes is supposed to "match" your music.

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    The music was matched perfect, just a few missing album covers were missing (I'm fussy that way)... after doing the little fix suggest by "Sansimeon" (notted below) they all came in perfect...I actually had my iPad on the iTunes Artist section and while I made the changes (I was doing that on my mac) the album covers poped up on the iPad, it was kind of cool!  I'm easily amused


    As a follow-up note, I bought about 50 songs over the past 24 hours and all came in 100% with art... no more issues.





    Correct Answer by Sansimeon  on Dec 21, 2011 6:18 PM


    Got it fixed for the single songs, change the album artist to AAAA then clear the album artist and all is looking good.  worked each time