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Apologies for double-posting this, but I just realized this forum is more suited for this question.


I'm having a very strange problem in Lion running on a Mac Mini. I'm using Automount Maker to mount 8 different network shares at login and 2 of them are exhibiting weird behavior. All the shares except those 2 show up in the Finder. When I look in /Volumes using the Finder, the 2 mount points are not visible, but if I use Terminal to ls /Volumes, the mount points are visible in the list in Terminal. I can cd to those mount points and navigate the files, so the shares are definitely mounted, just invisible to the Finder. As a result, some scripts that run on the computer that reference /Volumes/sharename are failing.


I've tried changing the visibility of these mount points with "chflags hidden" but that didn't fix it.


I tested mounting the share without using Automount Maker (just the normal Apple+K method) and the share still mounts invisible. This time however, when the Finder pops open to show me the share after mounting it, the icon for the share in the Finder is dimmed. I've never seen this behavior before.