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I am not seeing the metadata I have activated and I'm hoping for a little more help in this.


I am running 3.2.2 and i have gone into View > Metadata display > Customize and I have checked every item in EXIF, IPTC, and Aperture sections for the items to display in the Viewer - Expanded, Grid View - Expanded and List View - Expanded modes. I now see all of these on the right hand side with a little circle and a negative sign


I have checked the "Show Metada Below Image" and "Show Metadata Labels" options for the Viewer and the Grid View modes. I have hit OK after all of these changes.


However, when I go to Browser, Split View or Viewer display modes - and when I /also/ check the pulldown for Metadata to make sure that I have expanded view active (i.e. I see in this pulldown that I have an option to pulldown to "Switch to Basic View") - I am only seeing "version name" in Browser View,  and in Split View or Viewer mode I only see Version - File - Date - Path - Color and Depth shown.


I would ideally like to see all of this data so that I can then go into Metadata Display and take off items that don't appear to have the information I need in these views but I can't understand if I am doing something wrong, if I am misunderstanding this or if there is some kind of limit preference that is the default for showing metadata.

TIA for any help.

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    Hi Jon -- glad you got your Aperture versions all updated  .


    I know you printed and read the User Manual -- you've mentioned this more than once.  Now that you have a novice's familiarity with Aperture, you are probably ready to start to really learn the program.  Re-reading the User Manual is a great way to teach yourself.


    Here is the page on the Metadata Overlays.  There you'll find answers to some of your questions.


    After re-reading the User Manual pages on Metadate, try everything.  One nice feature is that you can't actually do any harm -- you can always re-create whatever Overlays you want.  (Changing the Overlays changes no metadata attached to any Image.)  Trying things out -- working your way through all the combinations -- is, of course, a great -- perhaps the best -- way to learn.


    I'll offer three hints to give you a bit of a jump on this:

    • The metadata displayed changes dynamically with the size of the Image(s)
    • Metadata Labels take up screen space that is likely better used for data
    • There are different limits for "Under Image" and "On top of Image".


    Good Luck.

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    thanks. great advice and observations.


    unfortunately i only get at most one line of data in Browser and two lines of data in Viewer no matter how you slice it.


    given the amount of info you can ask it to display there seems to be some issue here that is not in your answer.


    anyone have any ideas or hard info?