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I received an email from new.itunes.com about the new Beatles album, "1" and that studio albums are $9.99 for a limited time.  I clicked on "check it out" and it went to the Beatles page in the iTunes store.  Showed the new album and all the studio albums.  Showed a free book, "Yellow Submarine".  I clicked on "free" and it downloaded; took about five minutes.  Within my iTunes I clicked on Books.  "Yellow Submarine", 317.6 mb, shows listed.  I double clicked on the book and nothing happens; it doesn't open. 


Any ideas?  Thx!

Early 2009 Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.8), G4 Sawtooth; 10.4.11; several upgrades
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    Should be, "I clicked "download", not "free"."


    What ever happened to being able to edit???

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    After posting the question, the page came back up ... and added "More like this".  I THEN saw a couple similar questions...with the responses that the book can't be opened on a Mac or PC; must be an ipod or ipad or iphone or...whatever.  WTH??  Why didn't it say that on the description?!  I don't have any of those i-devices.  Delete city here I come, I reckon.  Totally whack.