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How do I sync my gmail contacts with my iPad? I'm assuming through iCloud?? I want to be able to update my contact info from both my ipad and my gmail account.


I tried going through itunes to sync them by going to iPad device>Info>Sync contacts with "Google Contacts" and it brings up a box for my google id and password and it does NOT take it! I have tried changing my password and everything...to no avail.


Is there any other way to do this?


Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

iPad, iOS 5.0.1, 32gb
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    To Sync your Gmail contact with iPad, you do it through iTunes.


    Connect you device, clicke the device on the left Pane, then Click the Info Tab on the right Pane.


    Scroll down to "Sync Contact with"(or Sync Address Book Contact), Make sure the Box is checked then select Google Contact or Gmail Contact.  Type in you Gmail address in full and password.  Click the Apply button in the lower right.  This will transfer Google contact to your iPad.


    If you want to use icloud, unfortunately at this time cross platform sync is not possible.  You can only use icloud contact sync between IOS devices and icloud.com.  Once you turn on your icloud contact sync, it will no longer sync with Google Contact from then on, even if you connect to your itunes.


    This video explains:



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    I will give you the correct answer because it is, but I already tried that exact process and my itunes does NOT allow me to sync my contacts! It will not take my password. I have tried changing it and everyhting. Also, there is no other way to have it sync across platforms with iCloud?? There is no other way to get this accomplished other than icloud?

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    This morning I was helping an user to configure Yahoo mail on her new ipad2.  For some reasons, it just wouldn't work on numerous attempts although her email address and passwords were correct.  It just wouldn't take her password.


    Eventually, I had her tried Hard resetting her iPad.  SETTINGS / GENERAL / RESET / RESET ALL SETTINGS.  Miraculously, it worked after the reset.


    You want to try this one out?


    Yes, Cross platform sync with iCloud is not available at this time.