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Mail.app with multiple acct all items in inbox disappeared without a trace


iCould account

gmail account

exchange account


In all accounts, the Inbox contents totally disappeared, gone without a trace.  Inbox shows 0MB used for each account.  The trash had stuff in it but it didn't have the inbox items.  Get Account Info shows all the other folders have items but nothing the side of the inbox.  What was werid was my mac was running slow even with an SSD things were crawling.  I noticed mail Activity window was processing but thought it standard processing, updating inbox etc. 

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    Well thank goodness for time machine.  I was in mail app and clicked on time machine I was able to recover 2 inboxes, one with ~3400 and other with ~1800 messages.  However, time machine is now stuck for over 12 hours on 30,682 messages.  I was able to go back to a few days ago, it loaded all the messages. I was then able to select all of them (I pressed cmd-a) and in a few hours it was then able to process the select all and show me the restore button much like the other two small mail boxes.  But its been stuck at the "Click Restore to recover the 30682 selected messages" screen.  The 12+ hours its been busy hammering away at the disk and CPU.  From what I can see, it may just be trying to process it all.  The previous two smaller restores worked so I'm hoping this one works too.