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I've had my Iphone 4s for about 6 weeks with no problems. In the last few days, my battery is losing the charge really quickly. For instance, after charging all night and making sure it was at 100%, I drove to work (20 min)-without using my phone for anything, and the charge was down to almost 80%. I'm not super tech-savvy, but I've closed everything I can that I'm not using and made sure that nothing is running constantly with no improvement. Any ideas?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Back up your iPhone in iTunes and then fully charge.  Reset you iPhone and use it until it automatically shuts down (0%).  Now your battery is calibrated!

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    Thanks a bunch. So far, it seems to be working a bunch better!

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    Why is it you see so many posts from people who have been conned by the apple machine into believing Iphones are better then Androids.  Well (cr)apple once again my iphone 4 is losing its charge after 2 hours and burning hot.  As I have had to do on numerous previous occassions now trying to install the latest bios through your crappy itunes.  But guess what, this time it wont even sync so i now cannot backup and restore to install the latest bios.


    What is your solution to this one as at the moment its a worthless lump of junk.  Will I get a reply or like many on here not get a response.


    Oh, and when will you finally fix the known bug of over two years where iphones lose there charge when roaming internationaly and trying to continously find the home network ?? Over 2 years !