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Hi there,


I have been searching and searching for an answer to this but it seems that even Mr tinternet doesn't know!


I have been trying to get around to the solution for a while now as I thought "My 3GS is going to crash at some point and I will loose everything" and sure enough that day was yesterday.


When attempting to sync my 3GS, all purchases transfer over just fine so no real damage occurs but I receive the error "iTunes could not back up the iPhone Mark's iPhone because the back up could not be saved on this computer" along with a big scary red exclamation mark symbol.


I then found where the back up folder should be - User/Documents/Library/ApplicationSupport/MobileSync/Backup. The problem with mine is that the journey stops at ApplicationSupport - there is no MobileSync folder...


I believe this happened after upgrading my MacBook Pro to Lion. All software Mac & iPhone is up to date.


I've tried manually creating the folder just by chance iTunes finds the folder but I guess there is no direct link, so no luck there.


If anyone out there knows of how to get around this, answers will be much appreciated.


Thanks, Mark.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.6)
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    it's hidden in Lion.


    Hold down the Option key and select "Library" from the Go menu in the Finder.


    then you can find mobilesync etc as before.

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    I've unhidden all folders via a terminal script and still cannot find the mobilesync folder.


    This is as far as I get -  /User/XXX/Library/Application Support/


    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I just spent a frustrating couple of hours trying to resolve this and had to piece together info from a number of different sources. I too tried adding the MobileSync directory myself but still didn't get a result. I note averagejoe he'd made all folders visible via a terminal script, but for me what worked was going into Finder, pressing Command+Shift+G to get the "Go To" window up, and typing in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/, and lo and behold the directory did actually exist. Very, very frustrating.


    Hope that works for you!