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I have a 50Gb broadband (cable) connection that delivers expected circa 48Gb downloads consistently with upstream of around 1.7Gb (which is also in line with the promised rate, even though it's disappointing). I have tested latency at 31ms and 1ms jitter and this seems steady, too.


Until recently, everything seemed to be working fine.  However, I started to notice problems when app updates from the iTunes store became very slow on both IOS and Macs - but not on cellular data.  Next, I found I could not stream BBC iPlayer videos - even small one from the BBC News site - or from Vimeo or YouTube.  This all culminated in a single 40 minute TV episode having a predicted availability of 4 hours or so on my (2nd gen) AppleTV and a single issue of The Times newspaper on iPad taking over an hour.


The BBC offers diagnostics for streaming - although it doesn't make it clear what it's measuring.  There are four measures: download, streaming 1, streaming 2, and streaming 3.  Download is at the expected rate, but at least one of the streaming measures is in the 10s to 100s of Gb.


If I use a UK proxy (to be clear, I am in the UK), I get reduced download speeds but by the BBC's measures of streaming I get good enough bandwidth to be able to stream HD.


So.  What's the connection between apps, streaming video, and app content that appears to be being throttled by my ISP?   (Or am I totally wide of the mark?)


Any help or insight would be much appreciated!