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Although I wanted hit counters on some of my iWeb pages, I didn't want them to be so . . . blah, so bold, so obvious. Two wee little tips:

1. To have a hit counter on the page but invisible to guests, simply place a shape object on top of it, matched to the color of the background. It'll be there but nobody will be able to see it.

2. To have your hit counter appear faded or dim, place a shape object on top of it, matched to the color of the background, and set the shape object's translucency to <100% to achieve the desired effect.

Now nobody can say I never contributed anything to the forum.

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    That's a good trick. Thanks for the tip. When you get tired of hiding the Apple counter, you should take a look at Statcounter.com. You can configure this counter to blend in or complement the colors of your page, change the font or the number of digits, and change the size. You can even make the StatCounter counter completely invisible but functional. And you can set it to not count your own visits to your website. Best of all, all of your counters can be tracked easily via a StatCounter Dashboard widget! No more checking the .Mac Homepage just for your hits...just hit F12.