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I want to know if I can sign in to my iTunes on a different computer than I usually use.  I want to be able to access my library on someone else's computer, but I don't know if that is possible.  I definitely don't want my library to get mixed with someone else's either.  And if it is possible, can two people sync to the same computer without getting their libraries mixed just by signing in to their seperate accounts?



Thanks for any help!

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  • Allan Sampson Level 10 (123,405 points)

    You can authorize up to 5 computers with the same iTunes account.

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    That's not exactly what I meant . . . sorry if I wasn't clear.  I was talking about accessing my iTunes library and data, not just my account, on someone else's computer without using Home Sharing or anything.  Like, if I lived in Virginia and had my computer at home, then left to visit family in another state, leaving my computer at home, could I access my library by signing in to my account on, say, my cousin's computer?

    I know this is kind of confusing,  I just don't know how to word it better.


    Thanks though!

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    In order to access your iTunes library and data, you need your iTunes account, which requires authorizing the computer with your iTunes account to access and download your iTunes data purchased from the iTunes store with that computer.

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    So that means that I CAN access my library from someone else's computer, as long as I don't have 5 computers already authorized?

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    You can access your iTunes Store account from any computer with iTunes installed, but you cannot access the iTunes library - the tracks and other content you've already downloaded - from another computer unless both computers are on the same local network in which case you can use Home Sharing. Home Sharing will not normally work from outside of your home, though. There are third-party utilities for Mac that can allow this, but whether any exist for Windows I don't know.



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    Thank you!  That is the answer that I was looking for.