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Ever since my upgrade to Safari 5.1.2 I can no longer adjust the video quality settingson YouTube. Additionally, the load portion of the progress bar (the gray part) doesn't appear.


I'm not sure if this is becuse of a change to YouTubes look, but it works fine in Google's Chrome browser. I see the gray load progress bar and when I click on the video quality setting, the video pauses as it always used to and then begins where it left off in a better quality.


On Safari I just see a spinning icon next to the video quality number and then evnetually the number changes, but I don't think the quality gets any better.


I've made sure the version of Flash Player is at the latest too.


And on the topic of flash video... both YouTube and Hulu video freeze quite often now when in full screen but the audio keeps playing through. So, lots of problems trying to watch flash video recently.



EDIT: The same problems in Safari are in Firefox as well. So maybe this isn't a Safari specific related issue.

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