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Hi there!


I download Lion X months ago, I remember I had duplicate icons and software then, I say many people having this problem though. I followed a few steps in order to finish with this issue and the duplicates were finally deleted. Since then (the download) my mac is significantly slower and sometimes frozen for few seconds, I can't open several apps as I used to because I have this problem. I don't know if I really deleted the duplicates, if I look for "safari' using finder it still appear two of them. I don't know if this problem is related with the slow runnig of my Lion.

I've other issues since then, for example when I 'turn my computer off" with the "Mail' app running I can't never turn it off if I don't turn that app down myself cause is says "Mail is not letting turn the computer off" and it sometimes happens with other software I've downloaded afterwars like "Vuze".


Is this slowness related with the duplicates or why is my computer so slow since then?

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Downloading apps from bit torrents is a terrific way to brick your Mac. I'd delete or uninstall if they have uninstallers, all your bit torrent apps. Then, backup everything to a clone on another hard drive and do a clean install of Lion. Migrate only Documents.


    EDIT: How much RAM?

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    I do not download apps from torrents, I only download movies. I've done it since I bought my mac, but since I downloaded lion X everything's turned slow and the colour wheel appears constanstly (specially when Mail is open). Regarding the duplicated icons I just mentioned it cause it was a problem that many people had when downloading Lion X, I had it myself.


    Ram: 2GB

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    Be careful with the torrents, they aren't safe.

    I think your issue is due to RAM. While the system requirements say 2GB minimum, Lion is pretty RAM hungry and IMO needs at least 4 GB to be snappy. I don't know what yours will take but max it.