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  • janeco Level 1 (5 points)

    My new silver 6th gen arrived at the door an hour before the Apple e-mail reached me. Found it a bit confusing to use initially as the language was set to Chinese, so finding "settings" was not the easiest thing! It would have been nice to have a printed manual with it – I have now downloaded the manual but don't fancy printing out all 66 pages of it.


    My Ist gen Nano was received by Apple on 17 November. The status was still "replacement pending" at midnight last night, but had been updated to "replacement product shipped" by 8.30am today, and it arrived by UPS just before 9am.

  • neil130 Level 1 (0 points)

    When everyone is checking their repair status of their iPods, does the picture come up as a 6th Generation iPod Nano or does it still appear as a 1st Generation Nano? And is this the way people can tell which device they are recieving in return or it is the idenfication of the serial number that determines this? (and how can you tell if it is a 6th Gen. with the SN?)


    Its all a bit confusing! :S

  • tla19 Level 1 (5 points)

    When I check my status, the picture still shows a 1st Gen Nano.


    I've read that Apple will email you when your replacement is on its way and the email will contain the new serial number.

    You can then enter the serial number here... to see what you'll be getting

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    Well I was thinking they would be cosed till new year so I reckon I should have mine in the next week or so.

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    Requested on 12th Nov

    Box received on 18th Nov

    iPod returned on 18th Nov...


    1. Step 1 Request

      November 22, 2011: Product received
    2. Step 2 Service

      November 22, 2011: Issue identified
    3. Step 3 Return

      November 22, 2011: Product replacement pending



    So, if we're supposed to count towards the 6 week estimate from the date they receive it, it was 5 weeks for me on Tuesday.


    I keep telling myself it's good that it's taking so long because it might end up arriving at my front door on the morning of my 21st birthday, a little present from Apple...but I won't hold my breath on that one




    Also, for what it's worth (probably not much!), I went into my local iStore yesterday to get a new screen protector for my iPhone, and while I was in there I asked the girl behind the counter what she knew about the replacement program.


    Thinking that I'd only just sent it off to Apple, she was very quick to tell me about the 6 week estimate, and said that, while Apple obviously knew how many iPods were affected, they underestimated how many of them were still in use (or at least still somewhere their owner could find them) and how many they'd get back.


    When I asked her what I'd be getting back, she said, and I quote, "I have to tell you that you'll be getting the same thing back that you sent in." I told her that I'd been reading some of these discussions and seen that people have been getting 6th Gens back, and she said, "yes, we've had one person come in with a 6th Gen...I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see what arrives."


    So...while I can totally understand, and to a certain extent agree with, those that are angry about not getting a 1st Gen back, personally I'm quietly hopeful that we'll be getting 6th Gens

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    Requested our replacement on the 12th of NOVEMBER. They received and processed the iPod on the 19th of NOVEMBER. Since then it's been stuck on product replacement pending, while I've been reading lots of things on the internet about AMERICANS getting their replacements (of whatever kind) within a few short weeks.


    Frankly we don't care what iPod we get back, but being forced to take a back seat to a bunch of Americans who frankly are supposed to be EQUAL to the rest of the world (at least in the opinion of the rest of the world, if not their own...) is extremely INSULTING. Apple are supposed to be running a UK replacement programme alongside the others, NOT treating us like a bunch of sh*tes to be pushed to one side whilst other countries are given preferential treatment. And if these 'reports' that we're going to be forced to wait so they can ponce about refurbishing the Americans' discarded nanos is true that makes it even worse - why the **** should we bother buying things from American manufacturers if they're going to treat us like dirt on the bottom of their shoes?


    Our six weeks is up on the 31st of December. That's tomorrow. Apple said six weeks, and they KNEW that the Xmas and new year holiday season would crop up while people were waiting, so one can only assume the six week wait includes or allows for that.


    If Janeco's result is any example, perhaps ours will arrive on it's deadline tomorrow. But I won't be holding my breath. The longer Apple makes us wait, the less likely we are to ever buy another Apple product. Quite simple, and if Apple can't understand that they may as well not bother.

  • Old Macintosh Repairs Level 1 (25 points)

    It wont come tomorrow Karrenfromeastbourne because UPS dont deliver on new years eve, Im a bit fed up now but how many companys would go out and replace a 5 year old product. I do relise in doing this they have made a load of mistakes which has lost them aload of happy ipod custmers


    Hopefully they will never make a mistake like this again

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    i rang aplecare 13th of november & was told the delay would be 10 days from them receiving the service request, i then logged all 3 of my nanos on the 13th.  received my envelopes a few days later and posted them same day. have proof of posting and will have to dig them out. mine went to "product replacement pending" about 3 weeks ago. i've made numerous phone calls and been lied to (apple say given false information) every single time even by  the customer service manager who's now handling the case who told me (in writing) the 6 weeks would expire on 28th of december and as of yesterday its gone backwards as they now claim not to have received the ipods until the 14th of december which means i won't get mine until 25th of january (the 6 week window). even though they'd previously informed they'd been received 22nd of november. the whole handling of this has been abysmal. they knew they had to repair/replace (due to sales of goods act) but they completely underestimated demand. they don't have the means to honour any of their "promises" so are simply ignoring them and changing their status info to reflect their new expectations. i'd advise you all to carefully monitor your status as its quite possible apple will change your dates as they did mine

  • karenfromeastbourne Level 1 (0 points)

    Thank you both for that information - about UPS not delivering on new years eve, and that Apple are being somewhat 'creative' with their facts


    I was just venting earlier, but it is extremely annoying to be just left hanging on with no information like this. I could phone them, but as they don't really know what they're talking about it hardly seems worth the wait


    This nano now belongs to my 15 year old, and she isn't happy to be without it for so long We were kind of hoping she'd get the replacement back in time for Xmas ...


    Oh well, we'll all just have to wait I guess, nothing else for it

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    I'm in the same boat. Sent it off in November and still waiting, Its been sitting on product replacement pending a long time.  If they give some a 6th gen they should give all. My future custom is on hold until the outcome of this(waiting to buy an iPad). I know othe companies wouldn't offer a replacement on a 5 year old item and I am not moaning about having a free fix or even upgrade. 6 weeks was the estiamte, and six weeks was up end of December! even though the dates on my repair statuses have changed 3 times within that 6 weeks. Consistency & fainess is not too much to ask.

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    How very odd that they've changed your dates. At least mine have stayed the same all along; service requested on the 12th of November, and product received, issue identified, and replacement pending all on the 19th of November. Still no change, unsurprisingly. I had hopes for today, but it's almost 5 p.m now


    It would just be nice if they'd send out a basic e-mail to all involved explaining why there's a delay, how long it's likely to take, and why they're sending some people 6th gens and others 1st gens. I believe it's known as customer services ...


    Fingers crossed that January will see an end to our waits

  • richardfromaberystwyth Level 1 (0 points)

    1st date was the 17th Nov(pack sent by apple), 2nd was 24th Nov (received date), now 13th Dec Product pending.  All dates on each stage have changed to this now.

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    glad that you started UK thread the americans seem to be getting theirs sorted much quicker,  been replacement pending since 9 Dec so hopefully will get something soon , liked my old nano but would be happy to have 6gen My birthday is at end of month so maybe will have as surprise present

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    It's arrived At last


    The status was updated sometime between 8 a.m. and just after 10 this morning, so I clicked the link to the UPS page and it said delivery by 12:00 today it arrived a couple of minutes ago, and the e-mail arrived shortly before it so I know it's a 6th gen without even opening the box I'll leave that for my daughter, as she's the owner these days since I got my Touch


    Timeline for reference;

    12/11/2011 contacted them for a box.

    19/11/2011 they received the iPod, checked it, and put it on product replacement pending.

    5/12/2012 iPod arrived.


    I think I'll forgive them - provided it works