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I have moved over from Office and you don't seem to be able simply to drag and drop edocuments into events. There must be an easy way to do it?

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    What is your OS? With iCal in Lion I do the following:

    • Double click the event to open it and select "edit".
    • In the edit panel I click "Attach File" and drag the file I want to add into the File Chooser window that opens.


    You will recognize that the event now has an attachment by the little paper clip badge in the upper right corner.







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    Alas, the Attachment option has disappeared since using Lion - any idea how to attach files to calendar events (and prefereably like in the good old days, where the attached file was physically stored in iCal).
    Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 12.27.39.jpg

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    I am using Lion, and I am attaching documents to iCal entries all the time, but I should have noticed -sorry ; my calendars are mostly local Calendars. There it still works. If your calendar is synchronized in the cloud, the attachment field is missing - too bad.


    Can you use local calendars for your purpose?



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    Thanks your reply.

    I thought local calendar would work.  On the iPhone: iCloud/Settings/I turned off Calendars.  Then I thought I could sync between mac and iPhone by usb cable (as before Lion) but they don't sync - maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    Fiddling around with this has made all events on iPhone duplicate twice, so all events show up three times.  Suppose I will let this to rest - iCloud is nice, maybe the price to pay is no attachments.  Other fora show various workarounds, but cumbersome, might as well print a hardcopy and stick it in my pocket...  One step forward and one step backward...

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    • The only way to have the attachments in the cloud would be to upload them and use the URL field to link to them..


    • If they are small text files, you could paste them into the "note" field.
    • If the attachment is a document available on all devices, you could use the "run apple script" tag to run a script to open the attacment.


    none of these is really convenient, you are so right

    might as well print a hardcopy and stick it in my pocket...  One step forward and one step backward...

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    One more thing:


    If you really need to attach a document to an event, then linking it using the URL-option seems to me to be the easiest solution. And the one place that is synched nicely between all your macs is the "Mobile Documents" folder in your user library, see this user tip by Winston Churchill:

    Using iCloud as an iDisk



    So I would move important attachments there, and link to them from the URL field in the iCal event.

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    Thanks for your suggestion - will try just that.

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    No longer able to use iDisk to link to attachments.


    I wondered if it's possible to put the documents in Dropbox and link from there... tried it on my local Mac, the link that gets pasted into the iCal event is a local link only, so not accessible from other devices (which is what I want to achieve, e.g. put a flight itinerary PDF into Dropbox, then put the link in the event for that day, then if I need to view the itinerary say on iPhone, can do so simply by clicking the link.) Hmm. Will keep thinking about this one. :-)

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    Well, what do you know.  I followed your instructions, printed a document with text and photo to PDF, put this document in a folder on my ftp.  Then, in iCal, I added a url: myftpname/foldername/filename.  On my iPhone I double click on this url, and hooray, there it is.  Magnificent!  If you don't have an ftp, I suppose this may also work with iCloud…Thanks for the inspiration.

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    Have got it working with Dropbox now too.


    I drop the file/s I want to link, into Dropbox. In the web interface, if I mouse over each file, on the right appears a "get link" icon. Clicking on that saves a link to that file into the clipboard. I then go to iCal and paste that link into the appointment. I can then click on that, on any device anywhere, and it takes me directly to that file in Dropbox.