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... if there was every an app that needed more leg-room it was this. Plagued by poor performance I took a look and was shocked it's still not 64-bit.

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    This is strictly a user to user support forum - no one from Apple here and speculation on Apple policies is not allowed by the TOU you agreed to


    Not to mention that no one here knows "why" Apple does or does not do anything



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    I can't find the button to adequately reflect the value of your remark. Merry Christmas.

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    I really don't understand iPhoto.  I find it unusable, due to poor performance.


    Today it's been iPhoto (Not Responding) all day in the Activity Monitor.

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    And you do not understand using a support forum. New questions require a new post. Thread jacking an existing totally unrelated thread does now work well and confuses everyone


    To learn iPhoto take the tutorials - http://www.apple.com/support/iphoto/ - and go to your local Apple store and sign up for a beginners iPhoto class


    For iPhoto not responding back up your iPhoto library and depress the option and command keys, launch iPhoto and rebuild your library



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    Thanks Larry, but I wasn't 'jacking an existing totally unrelated thread', I was simply looking to back up an existing comment (Stefano's comment) that the iPhoto application has poor performance. 


    When I'm searching forums myself, I find it re-assuring when I find other users have the same problem as I'm encountering, and re-assuring when the standard response that is being trotted out also isn't working for other users.


    I've rebuilt my library using the guidance.  It's still unresponsive.   This is an iPhoto library that has followed me since my previous MacBook Pro purchased in 2007, so perhaps it's time for a full file-level rebuild, but I just can't be bothered with such a project.Activity Monitor.jpg

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    But what is your question? If iPhoto was 64 bit it wouldn't make any difference to what you're seeing in the Activity Monitor window. You're experiencing a hang. Do you want to troubleshoot that? Or is it another thing you just can't be bothered abou?