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We connected to our wifi initially at home, but it won't stay connected. Any ideas on the problem?

MacBook Pro
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    Guys I have found the solution to all issues with wireless connectivity and new macbook series.

    At least it 's working fine with me on my macbook unibody running Lion and my new macbook pro running Lion too.

    Open terminal (Applications-Utilities-Terminal)

    Wait till you have a signal on the wifi sign .

    Once you are connected , just type in the terminal window the following : ping yahoo.com

    Minimize the window and you're done! you'll never get disconnected anymore !


    Thanks for liking my post if this will work fine with you.


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    Great solution but that is not the real solution to a real problem. Why would anyone have to constantlyu ping a site just to stay connected to their own WiFi signal.

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    Shootist007 wrote:


    Great solution but that is not the real solution

    …and it doesn't work.

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    Did you check your energy saver settings?

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    How is pinging a site going to keep the computer from disconnecting.  All that is going to do is tell you the time that it takes for a packet to go from your computer to yahoo's server and back to your computer.  That isn't going to fix anything, it's simply going to give you some data about the speed of travel of data on the Internet at that point in time

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    ganven wrote:


    Did you check your energy saver settings?

    I appreciate you're trying to help. But do try to go through the first thread I linked to above. After the first 100 posts, you'll get a better understanding of the issue.

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    Could you summarize some of the issues in that thread for users who are not computerheads? Some readers can't make it through that many posts before it all turns to "word salad", but they may be great illustrators or movie editors.


    What do you think are the top issues?


    Bad Mac configuration?

    Bad Router configuration?

    Inadequate (too old and out-of-date, too weak) Routers?

    Microwave ovens?

    Too far away from Router?

    Failure to clean out old unused Network names?

    Too much interference from neighbors?

    Interference from USB devices?

    Too much crapware installed?


    What do you recommend as a recipe to get it working better?


    Troubleshooting Wi-Fi issues in OS X Lion and Mac OS X v10.6


    Using a stumbler program like iStumbler to see what else is sharing the airwaves around you, and how strong it is?

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    Unlike Network Utility ping, Terminal ping does not stop.


    Once you tell it to go, you are constantly pinging that site. The activity keeps your link alive. It does improve certain situations, but It is not a realistic solution,

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    Grant Bennet-Alder wrote:


    Could you summarize some of the issues in that thread for users who are not computerheads?

    I wish I could, but you give me too much credit.


    FWIW, I think that it's not a single problem, but a whole set of different problems with a common outcome. In some cases, it's a straight hardware issue; in some, the usual corrupt preference problem or incompatibility, which can be dealt with in the usual way. And then there is what I believe to be a problem with Apple's driver for the Broadcom card. Nothing so far seems to fix that.


    My advice, again, FWIW, is, if one comes across this issue, try the usual first—reset or change settings on the router (if feasible), delete respective prefs on the Mac, reset SMC and PRAM. If none of these work, and if one is running Boot Camp, try connecting under Windows; if that's successful, it confirms that the problem is with Apple's driver. If the machine is still covered by AppleCare, take it to the store or AASP; if the problem doesn't show in one store, try another. If it's out of AppleCare, sell it, take the loss, and get another laptop.


    One additional point about pinging. Often enough, when Airport is disconnected, the diagnostic message is 'Disassociated due to inactivity'. The assumption then follows that, if one provides activity over WiFi, the problem won't occur, hence the notion of pinging, or streaming audio, etc. My opinion is that the message is bogus (ie, it does not reflect the actual error), and pinging or streaming won't work. If it does work (as it seems to do in some cases), then, IMHO, the problem can probably be fixed by other means. At any rate, I quite agree that pinging is not a realistic solution.

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    Go to system prefrences, go to network, click advanced, click the PLUS symbol, click choose network and select the one you want to remember.