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After installing iTunes match, I can't copy any playlist from my computer to my iPhone. Is there a way to do so? Also, I can't copy a GENIUS playlist to my iPhone as well. Anyone has found a solution to this problem?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1, iTunes Match
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    Turn itunes match off on your phone. Re sync, go to music tab & check all playlists that youwant & click apply. On my ipad iI have itunes match enabled & any changes to playlists are always updated so I do not know why on the phone Itunes match has to be turned off. I would think it would work the same on both devices but it does not for some reason. Maybe it is a bug & a software update will solve the problem. If anyone has the real answer why itunes match needs to be turned off on the phone in order to get your playlists please respond.

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    Frustrated and may take IPHONE back.  I have an MP3 IPOD.  I have ALWAYS found it difficult to do anything with it which should have warned me away from this new phone.

    I have a bunch of songs and created a playlist called IPHONE sync but am unable to copy songs to it.

    What am I doing wrong.....why does this have to be so difficult

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    Feb 10, 2012 9:04 AM (in response to KeithJenner)


    Once you have check marks next to each playlist that you want to sync in music tab on your mac sync your phone. All your playlists should be on your phone. Now turn itunes match on your phone & sync again. when you click on music tab on your mac you will no longer see your playlists & will show itunes match on. After the sync in all likely hood all your playlists will be deleted from phone. This is ok, you will see the sync wheel on phone spinning now. just let it spin until it stops. I have over 250 playlists & it took 4 hours to stop spinning on phone. once the wheel on phone completed all my playlists were back on my phone. I then added a new playlist to my itunes library & about 1 minute later that playlist was now on my phone. Did not even have to sync to do this. For the last 2 weeks I have been working with a senior advisor from apple care & he really helped me. The problem we were all having was once we turned match on the phone our playlists would come off of the phone & we were all freaking out & cursing itunes match. None of us myself included did not know that all we had to do was wait for the wheel to stop spinning on our phones & then our playlists would be there. Hopefully this will work for everyone & I will keep an eye on my playlists to make sure they stay put now.

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    I am also having this same problem.  I used to be able drag playlists from Itunes directly to my Iphone or Ipad however if i try to drage the playlist or any song in the playlist outside of its normal location, the red circle line appears.  I can however drag the songs from the main library so i know its not a problem with the files.  I simply can't do anything with the playlist or the files in the playlist.  Any ideas anyone?

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    With iTunes Match enabled on an iOS device traditional syncing of music via USB is disabled. To sync music via USB turn off iTM on the iOS device.

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    I don't have iTM enabled on any of my IOS devices.  I can drag songs from the songs library to the devices but can not drag playlists or songs from the playlists outside of the playlist.

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    You've posted to the iTunes Match forum in a thread that is almost a year old. You will have better luck solving your problem by posting to the appropriate iTunes forum <https://discussions.apple.com/community/itunes>.