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I have a pretty large collection of music, not huge but more than my 32 GB iPhone 4 can hold -- 8400 tracks/50+ GB. iTunes Match has been relatively painless with one very irritating exception -- one that's so infuriating I'm tempted to cancel Match and be done with it.


I get most of my music from non-iTunes sources, especially eMusic. On eMusic I downloaded a slightly cheesy "100 Vintage Holiday Classics" album, which is also available on iTunes. Match dealt with it no problem. But when I go to downloand the entire thing on my iPhone so I can listen to it, I repeatedly get the "Storage Almost Full" error.


That shouldn't happen with iTunes Match. Ever. Right? I'm nowhere near the 25,000 song limit, even though I'm constantly bumping up against my iPhone's capacity.


Now, if iTunes Match let me tell it which tracks to remove from my iPhone, all would be hunky-dory. But it doesn't: instead, some sort of algorithm determines which to remove. And even that would be ok....if it actually worked.


Instead, what seems to happen is that Match gets confused, gets partway through downloading the album, gives up -- and then promptly removes about half of the songs that had just shown as downloaded! It's infuriating! I've tried removing the album from iTunes, re-adding it, and synching but still no joy. What gives? I'm in this endless loop of trying to download, failing, and then retrying. Does anybody have any thoughts? Is there some sort of maximum that you can download at a given time? Is Apple proposing any sort of fix to its capacity-managing algorithm? I'm at my wit's end.