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Just wondering if I should be looking at the iPhone 4 vs the iPhone 4S?


anywbody know if one has Verizon for example, if "unlimited" means anything?  For the Verizon data device "unlimited" used to mean unlimited device use every month and that is a fact because I have had t for 6 years

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    I just want to be told in simple terms.  the iPhone 4 has been around for sometime and the 4S is new so I take the functions for the 4S are more advanced then the 4.  Is it a good idea to get my iPhone 4S through the Apple Store since everytime I look to get it at Verizon they push the date back a monthwhen it will be available.  I am so tired of Verizon.  I wonder what the monthly cost for this phone and the usage features wil be.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could just know.

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    Iphone 4


    Two differing models


    CDMA (Verizon / Sprint -Both USA) - No Sim card slot


    GSM (ATT) and much of the rest of the world - Has SIm slot


    Technical A4 single core processor


    Software - IOS however no Siri


    Camera 5 megapixel rear and front VGA


    Video 720p high deff support


    Iphone 4s


    Single model with both CDMA and GSM functionality

    (CDMA has to be provisioned by Carrier so a non US phone from a GSM network still can't roam on Verizon or Sprint unless they change policies)




    A5 Dual core processor


    Software - IOS including SIri Voice command system


    Camera 8 megapixel rear and front VGA


    Video  1080p high deff support

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    If you want to keep it simple, here is a summary.

    • iPhone 4S-Fast, Powerful, advanced voice control capabilities, iOS 5, Much better camera than i4, A5 chip
    • iPhone 4 (At that time it came out, it used to be) Fast, Powerful, Better camera, A4 chip

    Please note, the 4 is powerful but the 4S is even better. The 4 used to be considered powerful.


    Please mark as helpful or correct if this is helpful to you

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    anybody interested in helping me out on if I should get the iPhone 4S through verizon or through this service which is through Verizon but Apple hooks you up, offers apple care, shows you how it work and one website I saw would give the upgrade discounts but now I find out I would not get the NEW Every Two discounts I have coming to me if I get the phone through Verizon.  Is unlinited services like calls, text, data, etc really unlimited or is unlimited a way to rip you off?

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    If you have been with Verizon for several years, I think it would be fine to continue with them. I have Verizon with the unlimited data and it continued when I got my iPhone. So, yes, if you had unlimited data in the past, you should still get it now.

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    i have the mobile hotspot MIFI2200 3G through Verizon which at a time was awesome.  with the iPhones now does it make an sense to get the new Mobile Hotspot 4g or can a person use thir 4S iphone to hok your MBP up to and when you are traveling in the car use your MPB?

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    The unlimited was with the data device called the MIFI2200 3G which is a mobile hotspot.  It one day was awesome but it appears now (besides it does not connect anymore for me despite having about 10 tech support employees trying to get it to work woith no luck_).  this is NOT my phone it is the data device called the MIFI.  I have the New Every Two with this number which is $50.  when I click "Upgrade this line" I get a bunch of smartphones but not the iPhone.  It is made by Samsong and I hear the same company that made the MIFI2200 is now making the MIFI 4G mobile hotspot but I still am not sure if it is worth getting since I hear you can hook up your cell phone or your smartphone to the iPhone 4S and use that to use as the Mobile Hostspot through something called tethering but I have never tried it and I have no idea how it works.  it seems liek it would be a hassle if a phone call comes in while using the iPhone fo the Mobile Hotspot or to tether to your MBP.


    when I click "Upgrade" I get the New Every Two and it says you will get a loyality discount. I just asked the chat chick, and she said you can onlly get one discount or upgrade at a time. See how VBerizon goes out of their way to give their loyal customers any extra discount. I have paid for this MiFI2200 for over a ayear and it has not worked.  the tech support have been unable to get the MIFI 2200 3G to work for over a year and not once did any employee offer me any kind of discount for paying the $50 for the Mobile Hot spot that has not worked for over a year.  I have been throwing away the $50 or giving it to Verizon and now that it comes to give me some kind of small discount.  I am so lost on what to do but I would like an iPhone and if the iPhone cannot function as a mobile hotspot I would like to gert the 4G monile hotspot.  that was something that I really enjoyed when it worked.