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Please help. This is so unfamiliar!


I am trying to publish my iWeb website not using MobileMe (don't really know what it is).

I need to purchase my domain name but don't know of a reputable company that will give me a web address that just ends in .com without other stuff behind it.

Also, someone said I need a "Bridge" that is Fetch??


Please advise if anyone can! Thank you.

Happy Holidays!


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    MobileMe is Apple's web host.


    What do you mean by a domain name with just the .com and the other stuff?


    Have a look at http://www.godaddy.com or http://www.hostexcellence.com.  They are both domain name registrars and web hosting companies and you need both to be able to host your site.


    Fetch, Transmit or Cyberduck are all ftp clients that you need to upload your websites files to your server.  You either do this or use iWeb built in ftp depending if you are using iWeb 09.


    It really is not hard.

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    If you don't use MobileMe, then why mention it. And if you do not know what it is, why not search for the answer :




    And any domainame seller, reputable or not,  sells domainnames without the other stuff behind it.


    You provide the stuff behind it. Usually the folder- and filenames of your website.


    Start with your own ISP, the company that provides you with internet access.


    I use One.com, a reputable Danish company : http://www.one.com


    And Fetch is not a bridge, it's an application to connect to a server using the FTP protocol. You use is to up- and download files from your server.

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    Hi, and thanks for responding so quickly, both!

    Without the other stuff meant i don't want the webhost's name and numbers /letters etc on the web address. Some of my friends have it and it looks messy. Perhaps it is a free site...

    I checked the hostexcellence site and it has a dropdown menu which hass Linux and Windows platforms, not Mac. Does this mean it won't work with my mac?

    One person said that godaddy caused him some problems, don't know which, and she had to change..... don't know if that was just a fluke.

    Your explanations are starting to help me clarify things. Thanks,


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    You don't get this if you go and register a domain name of your choice - you go and choose your own name, so you then get http://www.domainname.com.


    Well no, HostExcellence will not have a specific Mac platform.  You need to pick the Linux hosting option as you will run into problems with Windows.


    I have used GoDaddy hosting with no problem at all, but you do need to pick Linux as opposed to Windows - that might be where the problem was.

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    This tutorial might be of help: Tutorial #28 - Using HostExcellence.com with iWeb


    Happy Holidays

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    Okay so I have purchased the Hostexcellence basic plan, my domainname and webhosting, and $6 extra for personal information privacy, which came to about $64. At first they kept saying the domainname was wrong or something, until I finally wrote it in in all lowercase lettering, which solved the issue. They said they would connect within 12 hours in their confirmation email... The webpage message said:



    We are sorry for the delay with creating your account. Our systems encountered a small problem and could not automatically create your account. You will receive the account access information within the next 12 hours. Thank you for your patience.
    You have chosen to purchase the following service(s):
    Domain Registration: lightkeysandcodes.com , Paid Domain Registration, 1 year(s)
    Hosting Plan: Basic Plan, Quarterly
    There was a problem creating your order. One of our support specialists is already working on processing your order, but if you would like a status update, please feel free to contact our support department.



    Wyodor mentioned starting with my own ISP. What info do I need from them? (we have Verizon).


    I am now looking over the link Old Toad provided. Appreciate that.


    Do i now start with Fetch or one.com to store my pages/files on?

    Thanking you all!


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    Wyodor mentioned looking at your ISP to see if they offered web hosting or some hosting space where you could host a website - some do and some don't, it all depends and you DO NOT now need any information from your ISP at all because you have purchased web hosting from HostExcellence and they will give you everything that you need.


    Fetch is a dedicated ftp programme that you use to upload your website files to your server at HostExcellence. You can download either this or Cyberduck or Transmit.  It does not matter which, they will all do the same thing.


    What do you mean by one.com?  HostExcellence is your host/server now that you have purcahsed hosting from them and you upload all your files to them.

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    Since you've purchased an HostExcellence package you're all set.  Give the HE customer support a call and see what they say the problem is.  In my experience their customer support is very respoinsive and can get you up and running very quickly.


    You can get the server IP number to use in an FTP client like the free Cyberduck client. That along with your customer number, password and file path to your account root folder is all you need to setup an FTP client to upload your site files to the server. 

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    You were right. HostExcellence is great with 24 hour support. They even noticed I ordered the wrong (and more expensive service) and changed it for me, saving me lots of $$. I got it all up and running thanks to everybody here. A big thank you to all from me! Now i have found iWeb to be a bit less than I want and seek alternatives for it. Some say the free search box d/l doesnt work.. haven't tried it. How is everyone else's stuff working? Thanks.Van

  • Ethmoid Level 6 (10,800 points)

    There are lots of alternatives that you can look into:


    RapidWeaver, Sandvox, Freeway Pro/Express and then the more complex like Flux 3, PageSpinner, Coda and WebDesign from Rages Software.


    You can then look into online web creation with http://www.weebly.com and http://wordpress.com and as you are now using HostExcellence, take a look at the options for the Content Management Systems such as WordPress.org, Drupal and Joomla that you can just install onto your server with a few clicks.


    Last year, I needed to set up a new website and register a new domain name in readiness for a new practice that I was starting, so I decided to go with HostExcellence.  I purchased a package that included registration of a new domain name and decided that I would use WordPress, so automatically installed it on the server.  I did run into problems because it installed WordPress in a folder and I wanted it a root level.  I contated customer support and they told me that if I wanted that I would have to install it manually.  I did so and it was very easy to upload directly and create the database.  I then uploaded a new template that I liked and had the site up and running in no time at all.  So I too have found HostExcellence very good.  I have used GoDaddy in the past too.

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    Would I run into problems if I have godaddy as my domain name host and Host Excellence as my website host?

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    No, it would just be a manner of changing the nameserver address in godaddy's control panel to point at Host Excellence's servers. It's how I am set up I just use IX instead they are related to Host Excellence.


    I use ix webhosting. Their plans start as low as $3.95 a month & they have excellant customer service.