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Hi everyone,

I got Logic Studio 9 today, and as I was installing it, it quit and said an installation error occurred. I was following the instructions and first put in the install DVD, and it worked. I then put in the first audio content disk and after it was already it, a pop-up came up and said to put back in the install DVD. However, the audio content disk was already loading, so I thought I would just put the DVD disk in after. Once it finished loading, i put the DVD dis back in and halfway through it said there was an error in the installation. The exact message was "the installer encountered an error that caused the installation to fail. Contact the software manager for assistance." I tried downloading it again probably 100 times and it happens every time. I was able to download the rest of the audio content disks successfully, but thats it, as the jam packs say that i need to put in the installation DVD first, which doesn't work. I googled this 1000 times and i've found others had this issue and they said they just deleted logic studio and reinstalled and it worked fine. However I can't seem to uninstall it all? I've dragged all the icons that related to logic studio to the trash and deleted everything i could thinking it would work, but it didn't. I put the installation DVD back in, and it didn't ask for the serial number again, and it says the amount of GB the program would take is about 20GB less than the first time i downloaded it. Both of these lead me to think that the installation DVD detects that the program is still on my computer? Does anyone have any idea as to what I could do? Thanks so much!




My computer does meet all the requirements for the program, it has plenty of space, etc, so none of those should be affecting this.

Logic Studio, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    What you write is a bit confusing: you mention downloading and DVD. What is it? You either install the DVDs or you download the content. Also: the full content can be up to 60GB large, make sure you have enough space.