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My mac book pro is only 5 days old, I've noticed that when I plug the charger in it sparks, but after researching this I've found it's normal. But on the prongs of my charger are what looks like little black burn marks from the sparks? Is this damaging my charger? Is it best to plug the charger straight into the wall socket or can I carry on using an adaptor or extension lead?

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    Hi Sophie and welcome to Apple Discussions,


    I do not know where you found out that this is normal. I have never had a charger spark when plugged in.


    If it is only 5 days old unplug it and stop using it and  go to a Genius Bar and have it checked out under your Apple Care.


    I would worry about it damaging the computer not the charger.


    I have just reread your question.


    Do you mean that the charger sparks when you plug it into the wall socket or when you plug the other end into your computer.


    Good luck,