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In Home Sharing, when I try to import an App from a shared library it won't copy and says that the computer is not authorized when it is. Any ideas on how to get around this?

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    I have been at this for several hours...we are able to get everything to import both ways except apps from second computer account back to first. Let me explain:


    1. Both computers are authorized with 2 separate accounts

    2. Home sharing is turned on (different than Music Sharing)

    3. Can access either library from either computer


    "Computer 2" can import anything from Library on Computer 1

    Computer 1 can import everything except Apps from Computer 2


    OS: Snow Leopard

    Computer 1: MacBook Pro

    Computer 2: iMac

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    It is now working fine, no problem! I can't explain it only that we restarted both machines and logged back in to get everything in sync...