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a month ago i renewed my contract and received nice and shiny Iphone 4s but I have got a problem with it..


It keeps losing signal all the time even in a places where aerial is, same situation with Wifi connection, it keeps losing it even if i sit in the same room where router is placed... It is really annoying, I have read some threads about 5.0.1 that it happens in there, I haven't upgraded it yet and got 5.0.

My broandband is Orange UK, they don't know what is going on as well...


I need some help with that fellows...

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    I'm with orange UK and have the exact same

    Problem with my new 4s too!

    It will connect but after a short while it stops even though it still shows as connected.


    I contacted orange and they did the same old procedure. Restart router, reset network settings, change router chanel etc but nothing has resolved it.  In the end they sent me a NetGear router but guess what? I still have the same short term wifi connection!!  Never had a prob with my

    IPhone 4 that I had previously.