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I bought 2 of the jampacks for Garage Band back in Jan 2010.


I bought Logic Pro from appstore 2 weeks ago.


I wish to remove Garageband and any related files that are not used by logic pro.


Are the Jampcks for Garageband also used by Logic Pro, or can I jetison them.


How do I choose.


I am a novice at both programs.


But not to computers.


Thank You



Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    All files but the Learn to Play lessons are used by both apps.

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    Pardon me for being dense about this.


    When I do a spotlight search for "garage" one of the results is the following folder


    "Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/Apple loops for GarageBand".


    In that folder there are 1198 seperate ".caf" files.


    Additionally if you go up to the "Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple" folder,

    the following additional directories also appear.


    "iLfe sound effects", "jam pack 1", "jam pack remix tools"", "jam pack rhythem section",

    "jam pack symphony orchestra", "jam pack voices", and "jam pack world music". 


    All thesesub-directories contain ".caf" files that take up 3.51 Gb of hard disk space

    on my iMac 27 and 6.7 Gb on my MacBook Pro in what I thought were two identical installs.


    When I installed Logic Pro , Garage band was still installed on both systems. 

    The GarageBand.App has since been uninstalled. What started this all some diffucalties

    I ran into when un-installing the app on the MacBook Pro and I started using spotlight

    to see there was any junk left behind.


    The date time stamp for the "apple loops for garage band" directory is Dec 15, the date

    I installed Logic Pro.


    All the other directories have a date time stamp from Oct 5.  Did Logic Pro incorporate all

    these ".caf" files automatically. Or are these files now useless junk residing on my

    disk. Dose Logic Pro use the exact same operational data structure as Garage Band?


    If not where does its operational data structure reside?  I cannot seem to find it

    using Spotlight. 


    Again sorry for seeming to be so dense on the subject.  Also is there a bulliten or article

    anywhere that can explain the GarageBand and Logic Pro subdirectory data structure?

    That way I can stop pestering you.

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    Additionally when I installed Logic Pro I also installed all of the instruments and loops that were available, so you can see why am a bit confused about this.