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Good day,


I reside in South Africa, and I recieved an Ipad 2 recently, my issue is that I cannot connect to Itunes Store, although I can connect to App store and Ibook store, but Itunes store does not connect.


I visited the web page of the legal terms and conditions, and all countries that where provided with apple products where mentioned with the terms and conditions to the Mac Store, App Store, ITunes Store and IBook Store (http://www.apple.com/legal/itunes/ww/), and my specific country has terms and conditions for:

South Africa



and has no terms for ITunes Store, does that mean in South Africa we cannot Purchase any Music, Film or TV program from the store?




Should I create a new account selecting a different region? for example UK, or should I just change my region in my account manager.


Or the IP address for my IPad whilst on the Internet detects that I'm in South Africa and doesn't matter which region I select for my account I wont be able to enter the ITunes store?!


Please confirm, as I'm not sure of any of this, I would like to seek some help from you guys in resolving or informing me of the problem, I will be leaving the country soon and wont want to leave without knowing exactly what the problem is.


Please advise me to an Apple Support Agent that might clarify the issue for me if I'm not successful in the forum, as I am new to Apple.


Thank you so much.

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, Wi-Fi + 3G