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when configuring my t-online or mobile.me account on SL, after entering the e-mail address, the mail servers are selected automatically (good) and an imap (bad) account is also created in Mail.


However, I would like to user my above mentroned accounts in pop-mode, not imap.


I could not find any possibility to change to po, and before switching to Thunderbird I would like to ask the forum is there is any way to configure Apple Mail the desired way.


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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Similar to Andre, I want to set Mail up with a POP account for Gmail, and I find that Mail automatically puts me in IMAP. I suppose I should investigate Thunderbird, but I'd rather find a way to set up Apple Mail with POP.

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    I finally tricked Mail 4.5 into accepting POP, by entering my domain address (e.g. john@mydomain.com) instead of the Gmail user name. However, Mail's Activity window shows that the mail-fetching process is stuck after 21 of 336. For both incoming and outgoing servers, the Mail Connection Doctor window shows "Connection and login to server succeeded." I went to Gmail's Web page and deleted that 21st message, but now it still sticks, on a different 21st message. Why won't it fetch more than 21 messages?