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Just bought an iPhone 4S 64gb White,it seems to have low volume and bad sound quality in music app.


I had a 3GS in the past which had great Volume and Sound quality




Is it the heaphones or the phone itself?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Dude same problem with iphone4s 16 gb india volume ,video,games ,volume lower as compared to iphone 4s uk,iphone 4,ipod touch it replaced by still no help its the same.where dis u get urs from.?

  • naked_universe Level 1 (10 points)




    my 3gs was from canada though



    where did you get it replaced as in india or uk?,as they don't accept replacements worldwide cause of warranty


    what excuse did you give?as the sotre employees aren't audiophiles and won't see a difference but i do

  • naked_universe Level 1 (10 points)

    also did your volume increase compared to before?


    how is th bass in music on all three


    the uk one

    the old one

    and new replced one

  • naked_universe Level 1 (10 points)

    did you get phone replaced or headphones?

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    sorry for the late rply .i gt it replaced from india coz it was bought from india and i gt it replaced by making them hear the music on my iphone 4s(uk) and they agreed to give me a replacement.Bt the new one is also sounding low ..nt even close  to my iphone 4 ,4s(Uk} o ipod touch 3g music quality and volume.i had a talk to apple care centre and they wer like that we r&d on constant basis and make necessary changes and it can b possible that the new phones which r manufactured are biend made like this.i guess i m stuck coz i checked 2-3 4s in the store and they all had the same low volume level.can u temme the manufctring month of ur phone so that i can compare if it belongs to the batch or somethng.

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    mine is from November 2011


    did you get the phone replaced or the headphones?


    i also tested 2 iphone 4s in stores but they were all the same,i also tried out ipod classic and Walkman which just blew me away.


    i got my headphones replaced and the new ones sound better but its not that great


    i tried out JBL premium headphones which were great with iphone but the walkman and ipod classic quality was jst on a different level with volume and bass



    i will try out apple in ear and sony in ear to check

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  • naked_universe Level 1 (10 points)

    i called apple and i wanted to return but they are not ready to return


    they said take it to the shop,i took it there and they said its a headphone problem and replaced it which is a bit better but still dull




    how did you make them compare at the store,with what?


    cause if i make them compare and they will try another iphone 4s,then it won't matter as they will say its the same.i want to return it



    did you get a new one or did they send it back and you got a refurbished one?

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    i gt it compared with another iphone 4s which i got from uk but that was october batch ours i november batch thats what i think is the reason and as u must have gone thru link that they using a diffrent codec now for iphone 4s to improve battry life.secondly i got a new retail box (sealed box )not a refurbished one ,i cudnt get a refund because  in india apple doesnt sell directly so the only option i had was to get a new one but the new one also sounds low i think its a diffrent codec problem. and knowing that the new one which u will gt will also sound low so how does it matter stick with urs only instead of settling with aa refurbished one. i am also in talks with apple care and they r investigatn into .and c if u can get them to compare with another iphone 4s which sounds the same then no point replacing it unless u have gt some other defect in ur fone.

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    where are you from neways ?

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    one more thing i have got two more iphone 4s for my friends 16gb and 32gb they also sound low so its with every iphone 4s no matter which one u try .guess i was lucky with the uk one which sounds brilliant.

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    Is the quality of UK one very very good or just fine?


    have you compared to ipod classic or walkman,try it cause ipod classic and walkman have the best sound quality.if you do tell me if UK iphone 4s is equal to them,then i will definetly take this issue to Apple



    I am from mumbai




    also have you tried any high quality premium headphones with indian iphone 4s?if how do they sound



    i am planning to buy one sony ex series or apple in-ear headphones?

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    C i have always believed that iphone or ipod for that matter has the best volume output.n yes iphone 4s uk has the best volume and sound output for a smart fone or even a portable music player and i have iphone 4 and ipod touch 3g to compare it with and its better than all of them or should say at par with them and have never tried walkman so cnt tell u bout this.i use sennheiser For all my music player and it sounds great on all except my iphone 4s india .c changing the headphone wul make it slightly better but u wud never achieve that thumping sound like u did on ur iphone 3g or ipod classic.if u get ur problem fixed then plz do tell me so that i can also get it fixed coz it has already took me one replacement and two new iphone 4s bt to no avail. I m in talks with this particular guy in apple care named karthik who is handling my case u can cal then n gt this escalated .If u planning for a replacement then its possible only within 7days of purchase after that u get the refurbished one .hows ur phones battry fairing mine is bad thats one more issue i have

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    i have tested my battery on wifi which laster for 9 hours and video 1080p for 10hours.


    both are fine



    i think the black iphone's were the ones suffering from battery issues,mine is white

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