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Hi There Apple Community,


I'm trying to help out my Mother-In-Law (who I like) and I'm trying to make it as easy as possible for her to print from her iPad 2 to her Wi-Fi-enabled printer. It's like this:


I'm trying to print from an iPad 2 to a Canon MG6120 Pixma Printer. Now, I know that the printer is not AirPrint compatible at this time and I've downloaded EuroSmartz Print n Share (v4.5.2), but I'm just not satisfied. It works to a degree, but you have to print from within the app for it to work and the quality is much lower than if she were to simply use the desktop PC (a newish HP running Windows 7 Home Premium). The app is also hinky when trying to use its native browser to log into secure sites, which is the primarly use that she is going to use it for -- buying tickets and other stuff and wanting to print up hard copies.


So, I am asking a few different questions:


1. Does anyone know of any hacks to the aforementioned Canon printer to make it work with the iPad?


2. Does anyone know of another app that works with PCs that allows for easier printing?


3. Does anyone know of any hacks to the iPad 2 that allows it to print to non-AirPrint-enabled printers?


Many, many thanks to any and all who answer!

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1