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I bought Ipod touches for my two boys and when I try to update apps on them, it keeps telling me the Apple ID password is incorrect.  I notice that on my iphone, my apple id is my entire email address but on their ipod touches, it just shows a username without the @ sign and email address.

iPod touch, iOS 4.3.2
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    It sounds like you made the same mistake that I did.  You have two IDs!  Worse is the fact that apparently some apps were obtained on one ID and some were obtained on the other.


    Go here to investigate.


    Be forewarned that it's not possible to combine IDs and it's not possible to transfer purchases from one ID to another ID.  Whenever you need to update apps obtained with the "wrong" ID, you'll need to log out and back in again.  Alternately, your kids can do it from the iPods without the hassle of logging out/in BUT thay'll still need the password.


    In my case, one ID was "first.last@mac.com" and the other was "first last"

    I changed the second to "different.name@verizon.net" and I made both passwords identical.  This way I always know exactly which one I'm using but I can easily and quickly switch back and forth.


    Have fun!