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I recently bought a cheap USB camera with built-in mic, and a USB headphone/microphone interface. Neither of these microphones work with my shiny new Mac mini (10.7.2). The headphone USB interface works fine, and it even includes a volume and mute - very cool indeed (Arvel HAMU02BK if you want to look it up). In the Sound Preference pane, it shows up as an input, but the meter doesn't show any response. I plug the same mic and adaptor into a G4 PowerBook (10.5.8) and it works. The camera (Buffalo BSW13K08HBK) also shows up as a mic in the Sound Preference pane, but the meter fails to respond (shows about a 60% continuous input signal, but using it with Skype test, doesn't record anything.


USB2.0 Camera:


  Product ID:          0x0103

  Vendor ID:          0x1e4e  (Etron Technology, Inc.)

  Version:          0.02

  Speed:          Up to 480 Mb/sec

  Manufacturer:          Etron Technology, Inc.

  Location ID:          0xfa121110 / 11

  Current Available (mA):          500

  Current Required (mA):          100


C-Media USB Headphone Set  :


  Product ID:          0x000c

  Vendor ID:          0x0d8c  (C-MEDIA ELECTRONICS INC.)

  Version:          1.00

  Speed:          Up to 12 Mb/sec

  Location ID:          0xfa121130 / 12

  Current Available (mA):          500

  Current Required (mA):          100


Camera itself seems to work nicely, though, and there seems to be enough power off the hub to make things work. Is this a bug? If I want to plug a mic into the Mac itself, can I use any of the "pink" 3-pole 3.5mm computer mics?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)