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Here is the issue I have with Match :


I have about 12000 songs, roughly 4000 of them are not matched and are in the process of being uploaded. Only the problem is that the upload is very very slow. When getting to step 3, iTunes upload a couple of songs, then stops uploading (no particular message on screen, no song name either, just a message saying above the progress bar that it is uploading the remaining songs, but the number of songs remaining to upload does not change and the progress bar is not moving at all). iTunes still works, this is no freeze, but the upload process somehow hangs.

Sometimes, after something like an hour, iTunes restarts Match automatically, but then again, in step 3, the upload hangs after a few songs.


With a few tens of songs at most uploaded every day, this is going to take forever.


I have done diagnostics with iTunes, checked upload speed with my ISP, but nothing that could help so far.


Has anyone an idea of what is happening ? Is there a log somewhere in iTunes that could help pinpoint the problem ?


I have a PC, iTunes 10.5.2, windows 7 64b



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    Hi there, I have a similar library, about 12.000 songs and about 4000 to upload. My system is a Macbook Pro early 2008 with latest Lion and iTunes. My internet connection is a cable connection with 100mbps downstream and 6mbps upstream.


    In step three iTunes started uploading at the near maximum of my connection, at about 750 kb/s, but after a random number of uploaded songs the speed dropped down towards about 5 - 9 kb/s. I can reproduce this by stopping the entire process and start it again. ITunes will start with step one again, and once it reaches step three the upload will begin at normal speed and will then slow down again. This can happen after 20 songs, after 100 songs, I do not see a pattern in it.


    My internet connection works fine, uploads towards other servers do not show such issues.


    It's really annoing.

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    I have a couple of hours free today, so let's get serious about this.


    This is what I have done so far : cleaning my songs.


    - Replacing all songs that were not elligible (too low bitrate) with above 128kbps AAC or MP3 so that iTunes recognises them. This does not help the upload, but at least I get some of those songs matched in Match, with far better bitrate.


    - I removed also all songs that were in errors (I had a couple of them, all of them corrupted files I realised). Removing error files definitely seems to help.

    - Removing as much of the duplicates as I can. They just use space on my disk. But I really wish iTunes could tell me which track is a duplicate of which, because for some of them, it takes me forever to find the dupe and I am not willing to delete songs without checking myself whether this is really a dupe or not.


    By the way, I saw that on other discussions, for those on PC, the "add to iCloud" menu does not appear on the songs that are waiting to be uploaded, but only on the ones that iTunes did not select automatically for upload (duplicates, etc...).

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    Same here. I also spent hours in repairing and transcoding files (I normally encode with MP3, 192kbps, but some files could only be converted to WAV, seems to be an issue with some old MP3 files), removing duplicates as much as I could, and also removed files that where uninligible (I really did not need then at all). I watch iTunes's open files and ports as well as the upload ratio, and when it stops I recode the file that is displayed in the "LCD" part of the iTunes window.


    I managed to fix so many files that I have "only" about 900 files left (out of 4000 compared to this morning), so I am making progress. But I am really happy that my wife is currently not interested in iTunes Match on her Mac. I can hear her getting really angry, she is really impatiant with such issues. So I would say that iTunes Match is not really ready for common users, and currently not really Apple like.


    Please Apple, fix this! I really fear the day my wife wants to have iTunes Match!

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    I don't know if this is relevant to the slow downloads mentioned in this thread, but just in case, thought I'd pass on that Apple's posted information stating that certain file types, while "eligible" are getting transcoded on-the-fly by iTunes into AAC. While that might not be relevant to a real hang, it certainly would slow things down while iTunes chews on a file.




    • Songs encoded as ALAC, WAV, or AIFF, will be transcoded in iTunes to 256 kbps AAC when uploaded to iCloud.
    • Song files over 200 MB will not be uploaded to iCloud.
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    Thanks for the help. The files I have removed had the "error" iCloud status icon, the cloud with the ! inside. They were indeed corrupted files, they couldn't be played completely, or at all. Most of them ancient copies that got corrupted over time and through the transfers from older to newer PCs.


    So removing them, or as suggested by Apple, importing a new copy in iTunes, did the trick. Now I have uploaded about 300+ tracks, which is a first, and with no apparent hang. The upload is not lightning fast, but at least it is making progress.

    This steady progress might indeed be slowed down by some "on the spot" re-encoding process, but I have only a couple of songs in formats other than MP3 or AAC (and even though, conversion on my recent machine is rather fast), so the speed of upload itself is probably more due to limitations of my ADSL connection (it shouldn't, tests show that it could go a lot faster). Investigation ongoing

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    Well, it's official. ITunes Match is garbage.

    Months after this issue was raised here the problem still exists.

    I asked Apple for a refund based on the fact that Match is taking literally days to upload less than 1000 songs.

    Not only this but it is sapping all my Internet speed on all other devices and my processor is running at full belt, rendering the computer useless for anything else.


    Here is the response from Apple.


    Hello Steven,


    Evelyn here from the iTunes Store. I understand that you would like to have your purchase of iTunes Match considered for a refund as the process to upload is taking too long. I'm sure that you were not expecting the wait time to upload and enjoy your content. I will be happy to help.


    Steven, I understand that you want to cancel your iTunes Match subscription and receive a refund. Once the cancellation is complete, you’ll no longer have access to matched or uploaded songs in the cloud. Therefore, please be sure to download everything before we issue the refund.


    While I wait for your confirmation that you do want to move ahead with a refund, please keep in mind that your upload speed is not going to be as fast as your download speed. The time that you are reporting is expected behaviour.




    It's such a sub standard product that it's not fit for purpose.


    Save your money.