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My iPhone doesn't find my HP 5510 with airprint and remote doesn't find my library. With my 2 pcs the printer work in wifi and usb mode, and also in eprint mode (eprint works also with the iphone). I thinks it's a problem of comunication. I've got a modem only with 2 ethernet. I connected in 1 ethernet my desktop pc, and in the other I connected an access point (d-link dap 1360).


iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    You can start by double-checking the settings on your iPhone. Make sure Wi-Fi is connected to the same wireless network as the printer and it is preferable that Bluetooth be turned off.


    If you are still unable to locate the printer, it could be a Bonjour issue with your router or access point. Download the HP ePrint Home and Biz app, it is a free app from the Apple App Store. Try to print from inside that app. If it is successful, then the Bonjour/ Multicast service may not be properly forwarded from your iPhone, through your routers, to your printer.


    There are other steps you can take depending on the outcome of the steps above.


    *I work for HP*

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    With hp eprint works, and works with all other devices, but not with my iDevices, iphone and ipod. All te devices are connected in the same network, and I don't have bluetooth. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with bonjour, becouse also I've a similar problem with renote, that can't find my itune library..

    Well I think there's also a problem with the config of my ap or modem (some port I must open I think), but I don't know what I must do...

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    The D-Link DAP 1360, from what I can tell, does not have an option to turn Bonjour/ Multicast on or off and that could mean it does or does not support the service. I do not see it present in the interface, the link is below for an emulator.




    As far as your modem, I assume it is a modem combination wireless router.  What is its make and mode?


    Some good first steps are to power down your iOS devices and printer, then unplug your routers/modem. Power your modem and routers back on fully, then power your iOS devices and printer on and try to AirPrint again.


    *I work for HP*

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    Problem solved!

    I resetted my router, then I webt to the control panel and I activated the multicast, and now all works fine. Ty

    Ps I resetted the router becouse I had problem to access to control panel