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I have a problem:

Upon updating my iPhone 4 from 4.3.1 to iOS 5.0.1, itunes wont backup my iPhone. It starts, and when its allmost finished it just says "cant backup iPhone, continue anyway? all data will be lost if you continue.".

I dont want to lose all my apps, contacts, pictures etc. I tried everything; restarting my computer, made sure I got enough free disk space, reinstalled itunes, updated itunes, etc.


Can I just continue and restore my iPhone from a self-made backup later?

iPhone 4, Windows 7
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    Yes you can, plug your iPhone into iTunes, in the left panel right click on your iPhone and create backup. After the backup is complete update your iPhone, when it asks you if you wish to backup your iPhone select know, after the update is complete right click on your iPhone and select restore from backup, select the backup file you just completed.

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    Yes, but will it restore everything? Because when I make a backup manually, it only takes like 1 minute. But if iTunes does it before the update, it takes way longer.

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    Yes the backup will contain everything you currently have on your iPhone, my manual backups are always much quicker then creating a backup before an update. If you are still weary and would like to trouble shooting the backup issue here are the steps.



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    thank you, ill just ignore the message then. Ill keep you updated !


    edit: I found this solution, which I think is more save. Going to try it.



    1. Create backup your iPhone.

    2. Save the backup folder (eg.: another drive)

    3. Click RESTORE button in iTunes -> Your iPhone will updated to iOS5, and will be empty (like when you bought)

    4. After restore iTunes ask : Set up as new device or Restore from Backup...

    5. If you select Restore from Backup your device will be the same (some minutes later) like before you start the process, except your iPhone has a new iOS5.