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It is running, but there is no startup tone when it starts. It is also losing network connection pretty often. What does it mean when there is no start up tone... and how do I fix it? This model is referred to as Firewire 800.

PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.3.x)
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    To check if there's a hardware problem, suggest you run the Apple Hardware Test that's on your Install/Restore DVD that came with your Mac.


     Cheers, Tom

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    Have you tried connecting a headset or external speaker to the audio out jack on the rear?  If you hear the startup tone when either is connected, the shunt in the audio output jack may be broken.  The normally-closed shunt sends audio to the internal speaker when a headset/speaker mini-plug isn't inserted.  When a plug is inserted, the shunt opens and the internal speaker is silenced.

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    Missing start-up sounds are notoriously hard to diagnose and cure. I have several times introduced this symptom by making multiple changes or swapping components from different Macs all at once, and have often as not cured it accidentally without figuring out exactly what the problem was. It seems to be some small anomaly the Mac is sensitive to, without being a problem serious enough  to keep it from running. If you made any changes, you might try to retrace your steps, but don't expect instant success.


    Don't know that that's helpful, but it's been my experience - especially when updating or rebuilding Macs from "compatible" parts bins.



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    Resetting the PRAM should bring the startup chime back.



    Loss of the chime and network issues may be related to an old PRAM battery that needs replaced.

    Like this:


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    I connected a USB headset and can hear audio through it, but still not through the computer's speaker. Whatever the problem with not hearing the startup tone, I now think it's related to a problem with the speaker. I assume I would not hear startup through USB headphones because it's too early in the startup procedure for the computer to know to send it there, right?


    Thanks for the help.



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    Trying to reset the PRAM was what made me aware that there was no start up tone. Eventually I just held down the buttons until I figured it must have had plenty of time to "tone" twice. In the process of my "fixing" I also dumped cache files and rebooted in Safe mode. So I don't know which one did what, but as of now there is still no startup tone (bad speaker or connections I think, because I have audio through USB headphones but nothing through the internal speaker) but the network issues seem to have cleared up.


    Oh, and I also reset the PMU (I think...) by shutting down, unplugging from AC, holding power button in for about 5 seconds, plug AC back in, and restarting.


    Thank you very much for your help.



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    I get a resounding startup tone through my old Apple Design speakers plugged into the headphone jack. Don't have any USB speakers to test with. It would be nice if you could find a pair of digital Apple Pro speakers (cute little eyeballs) to plug in and test with. And sometimes the jack connexion sticks, so that just the act of plugging and unplugging restores sound.


    Still have the feeling that something in the loading sequence is tripping over itself, and that's a part of Macs that is totally beyond me. I'm just an old shade tree mechanic at heart.


    Have you tried Applejack utility?


    Told you it wouldn't be easy.



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    Thanks, Jon. One of the first things I should have tried and didn't think of it...

    When I plugged an earphone into the speaker jack I can hear the start up tone, but not when I unplug it. Problem must be with the speaker or its connection. Not a problem. At least I know now that the start up tone is there (and how to hear the second tone if I need to reset PRAM again)!


    Thanks to all for your contributions.