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How do I access iCloud on my iPad 2?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    If you want to access your account - you have to do that on a computer with a browser. You can't access the account on a mobile device. There is no need to access on the iPad.

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    Thank you for the info.

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    I beg to differ, as if you want to create a group in contacts you cannot do it on the iPad, so yes you do have a reason to access iCloud when using iPad, unfortunately you can't. So I'm going to have to access the internet with my Toshiba Windows-based laptop in order to access iCloud server and create a group in Contacts. 


    I praised Apple, iCloud and the iPad too quickly. It is far from perfect.

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    I also need to access from my iPad.  I am currently in a building that restricts uploading email from my mail account.  The only way I can send email is from my account though  This *****.  So I had no way to send email?  Apple should fix this problem.  I am sure there are numerous reasons to need to access from a mobile device!

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    You can access iCloud from your iPad using iCabMobile Browser.


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    Thanks for trying to help, however I downloaded iCab and when I try to go to on my iPad the same thing happens:  I'm re-directed to the screen that asks me to set up my account (which I've already set up).  Is there some trick that I need to know so that I will not keep gettin re-directed and can actually access iCloud on the iPad?



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    Identify the iCab browser as anything other than a mobile browser in the settings. Use I.E. or I use Firefox for Mac and then you can access the account. It still will not function properly - IMO - but you can access it that way.


    I have no idea why you want to access the account from the iPad. You can do everything that you need to do right on the iPad. You don't have the email set up on the iPad?'

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    Thanks.  I'll try that.


    With regard to why I need to access iCloud:  As I mentioned before I'm working in a building that has internet access that does not allow for me to send email from my Mail program.  The only way I can send email in the building is to send it while I am online on iCloud and accessing my email account through that.


    There are numerous situations that I have encountered that are similar.  There seem to be many places that hav restrictions on what is uploaded through their internet and will not allow email to upload from the Mail account--only from email on iCloud.


    This is just one example of why someone would need to access iCloud on the iPad.  I'm sure there must be other!


    Thanks again!

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    Hi again--

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    So HOW do you identify it as something other than a mobile browser?  I'm looking at the settings and I don't knwo what to do.  Thanks.

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    Settings > Browser ID


    You'll still find the iCloud website almost impossible to use - it simply is not designed for iOS access.


    You may find a better (simpler) option.

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    The settings icon is the icon that looks like a sprocket or a gear - right under the magnifying glass icon - it is the last icon on the right side in the tool bar of the browser. Ta p that and then the Browser ID will be on the left side of the window that opens up.


    But like Julian said, you will have access - but very little - if any - functionality.

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    Did that, too.  I set the Browser ID to Firefox for Mac and I still get the redirect . . . Any other thoughts?

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