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I'm a musician and music teacher and am considering changing from Dell PC to iMac 27" i7 and to use Logic software.

I started with Rolands MC500 sequencer many years ago, then moved on to the Atari 1040stfm, then Apple's(beige) G3 tower, which was hardly used and which I still have stored and its still looking new- if any one wants to buy it!

I then purchased my Dell PC for ease of school document use and never got round to buying the appropriate Music software for it as it was so full with school documents!

I have used Nuendo and Cubase at school.

Is the iMac 27" i7 going to be good enough for my music composition and production as I'm reading it has noisy fans and the CPU gets hot when using logic!

Any advice? Thank you.

iMac, 27" i7- good enough for production?
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    An iMac will more than handle music production that is why most professional musicians use Macs. As for fans and CPU warmth you can disregard that information. Normally you get that kind of info on a help forum which is like visiting a hospital to gauge the overall health of a population. Most people only post there when there is a problem which isn't representative of the millions of other satisfied users.

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    Thank you so much for your fast response! Fab!

    The iMacs are looking good then, if I should ignore comments about CPU's gettin hot using Logic and noisy fans?

    Now do I buy 27" or smaller, i5 or i7, fastest processor or not, best graphics card or not?

    What will I need for say 32 tracks of Music production? Possibly film music and TV ad composition and scoring music to film?

    Do I purchase logic 9 or Logic pro? Do I download the logic 9 app now on my ipad and save money?

    What's the difference? Can the new quad core iMac handle  them? My Dell is quad core but I have so much office stuff & so many files on it, that it won't load cubase, Nuendo or Sibelius software?


    I need to plug in my real keyboards, via midi, and my mikes, and start recording my music ASAP! It's been too long!

    I am a musician who performs live with a band and I teach as in charge of Music in a school but have neglected my writing! I'm so eager to get started but have always bought at the higher end spectrum so that I could move forward without hinderance!


    Can you advise me on what I should purchase now to have a semi pro running home studio?


    I know a pro tower would be the best to buy but it's too expensive for my home studio use.

    Can you help again?


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    Your next step is to visit an Apple Store and begin asking those questions. They will provide unbiased advice and help you through the purchase process.

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    i use a 5K iMac 27" that has an i7 processor. The fans are not noisy and there is no over heating problem. The computer is fast and very responsive. Visit an Apple Store if you can to test drive the iMac.