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I am currently uploading a lot of files towards iTunes Match, which takes a while because there are many files I have to recode manually (iTunes stops uploading process if I do not recode them, the well known freeze bug). But now I have a file that I cannot recode, because it is in AAC protected format, which iTunes prohibites to recode.


It is a file I bought in 2006 (see this link):



The file plays without a problem in iTunes and on my iPhone, but Match does not like it.


The file is one out of more than 200 songs that I bought at the same time, so it is not the issue of not matching iTunes accounts, I used the account that has iTunes Match buying the song.


Any idea how I can fix this without loosing all metadata?

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    The title of your post says that the file is no longer available in the itunes store.  That's the problem.  Anything that's not available for sale any more will not match. It sounds like you're asking someone if they know a way to strip the DRM from an iTunes purchased song.  Perhaps someone else can help with that, but I wouldn't have a clue.  Personally, if the song were that important to me, I'd try to find a way to purchase a non-DRM version of it.