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Family is trying to download a movie (4GB) from iTunes and it says it will take four hours, when it shuld take no longer than 10 minutes.


Something is very, very wrong with our Cox/Cisco/Cable/Wireless system.


We currently have a Cisco router that was given to us when we subscribed to Cox Cable's internet service. This service recently has become very, very undependable as our home of six laptops, one iPad and six iPhones are now having HUGE issues with Cox Cable service..


My question...


Does anyome think that using a new Airport Extreme would be a good replacement for the Cox/Cisco router we currently are using.


Any help and suggestions would be appreciate.

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    FWIW. I currently get Cox's Ultimate Internet service. To get the full 50+ Mbps bandwidth, I use a Motorola SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 modem coupled with a Cisco RVS4000 router. This Cisco router has an option for Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) security. However, when enabled, the intense scrutiny it performs on incoming traffic pretty much cuts this bandwidth in half ... so you may first want to verify, whether or not, your Cisco router has this feature enabled. If it does, try disabling it and see if you get the full bandwidth promised by your ISP.

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    Thx Much Tess,


    This info is helpful. When I get home tonight I will check on the CISCO router.


    Any directions on how to disbale the IPS security system?


    Appreciate the quick reply.


    I am still wondering if the AirPort Extreme Base Station ($179) might be better.

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    Any directions on how to disbale the IPS security system?

    Enabling/disabling IPS is a simple option "switch" within the Cisco web-based administration pages.




    I am still wondering if the AirPort Extreme Base Station ($179) might be better.

    In my case I wanted the additional functionality (specifically support for both VPN and VLAN networking) that the Cisco provides as a business-grade router over the AEBSn. However, I have my network configured as a roaming network and employ a AEBSn and Time Capsule to provide the roaming wireless network throughout my 2-story home.

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    Hi Tesserax,

    Your answers in this thread are EXACTLY what I want to do at home - mix in my 2TB Time Capsule with a router and a cable modem.  I just looked up the modem you said - Motorla SB6120 DOCSIS 3.0 - and it is discontinued.   I found the same modem easily available with the model number changed to SB6121 (the rest the same).  Seems logical this is the next gen of yours?   Do you know for sure that this model can do everything you said in your posts above?  I would love to have your confirmation on that before proceeding.  From what I can tell on the product page it seems that way, but I'm new to networking language on this level.  And you're not.      Is my assumption correct that this model replaces the 6210.  


    Is there also a newer version of the router you mentioned, the Cisco RVS4000 router?


    We will need to be able to use both Windows XP laptops using VPN to connect to my wife's work and I use MacBook Pro in my home office, where I also have a Time Capsule.  However, right now my cable modem is the Arris TM602G/115 cable modem that cox gave me several years ago and it does not play nice with my Time Capsule, which I can use only ethernet-connected directly to my MacBook for back-ups.  I'd like to set it up so I can have wireless back-ups of my MacBook Pro (and any future Mac(s) to my Time Capsule and I get for my home office and ideally have it connected to the same wireless network somehow.  Sounds like that's what you have. will work for me.  I am definitely willing to spend the money to make it work.  I also have several printers, only one of which is wireless but my favorite printer - HPDeskJet1220C which is wide-format and very reliable and flexible even though it is old ... hey that's all kind a like me, too.  Even the wide-format.  .    So I would like all my printers to work with my network, too.  This older HP and two of my other four printers are USB or Ethernet only, and two of them are USB only.  Is there any device that is wireless like a specialized print router that can work with the wireless network connected to the router and modem mentioned above (or newer versions thereof) bnut which also can sort of translate to USB and send the print signal on to even the USB-only printer, i.e. I can hit print wirelessly from my MacBook anywhere in the house or my wife's WinXP laptop anywhere in the house and select any of the older printers?  That would be really cool, because I like all the printers I have and would prefer not to get another one.  But again, I will spend the money on a couple more wireless printers if need be.  I don't know if I will need a separate 'print router' or not or if I can just add several wireless printers to the network.


    Any help is appreciated.  



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    Oh one more thing... concerning wireless... I was just trying to look up the differences between g/b and n in the wireless nomenclature and found a useful article on wikipedia. 




    One of the most interesting things was the footnote # 9 -  link to a qualcomm doc summarizing the progress of IEEE 802.11ac - the newest wireless standard.  Seems like it is very close to coming out 'officially' - this draft was earlier this year.  So how long do you think it will be before the modems, routers, and other devices support this new standard?  Seems liek the "n"s were up and running pretty darn fast as soon as that standard was adopted the products were out! 


    Anyway... maybe I should hold off on buying anything else?



    Also I'm not sure the difference between WEP and WPA2 security but they both seem to be fine for my needs at the moment and I don't notice much difference but is one better and why?  Sorry that's a lot of questions.