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got a new iphone 4  gave my old iphone 4 to my daughter  it has NO plan  its activated ( sim is inserted but not activated) so she can use it on wifi  and as an ipod ect. she has her own itunes account and syncs to her own computer


problem here  is she gets my and my wifes texts on her phone  shes with my dad right now and also gets HIS texts  how do i stop this???

iPhone 4
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    If you were using iMessage on your old phone I believe you have to put your sim back in the old phone and turn off iMessage on that phone for this to stop.

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    so i put my old card in her phone  then turn off imessage  then can i put her unactivated card in the phone and turn it back on  she wants to be able to text well on the wifi


    when i look at the settings messageing  recieve at it shows my phone  #


    I wont have the phone here to try till friday


    Or  should i just do a reset  and erase everything

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    I believe you can just swap the sim cards again once you've done this.  I'm not an expert in this area but I had read this solution from one of the most experienced posters here.  Apple's knowledge base article on setting up a phone to give to someone else is here: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4137, but you may need to do more than what I suggested earlier.