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First time mac owner here.  I believe I'm on Leopard ( OS X 10.5.8 ) and I've been told that I don't want to update the operating system because my processor can't handle it.  I updated itunes to the latest version and I don't think this computer can support it.   Every time I try to open it I keep getting a message to update quicktime, but to do that I have to update the operating system.  So, I'm wondering if (and how) I can uninstall the latest version of itunes and install an older one to use for my music.  I also believe I can't sync my iphone 4 and icloud with this machine and am wondering if anyone can confirm that.



PowerMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hi Christina & a warm welcome to the forums & Macdom!

    I've been told that I don't want to update the operating system because my processor can't handle it.

    Correct, want is not an option, it's impossible.


    You want to find iMovie 6 HD, it went way downhill after that. Do you have any iLife Discs?


    I also believe I can't sync my iphone 4 and icloud with this machine and am wondering if anyone can confirm that.

    Yeah, sad as it is no Syncing for any old Macs, best you can do is view those syncs in the Cloud & use IMP Mail on your.


    So, I'm wondering if (and how) I can uninstall the latest version of itunes and install an older one to use for my music.

    What version do you have insyalled now?


    Every version upgrade of iTunes has gotten worse as far as I'm concerned.

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    Hi BDAqua,


    Thank you for the info!  I don't have any iLife Discs, I'm not even sure what those are.  Can I go online and download iMovie 6  HD?  And does that work for music as well as movies?


    Boo on the no syncing with my phone.  Bummer.


    I think I downloaded the lastest updated itunes.  I'm still learning how to work a mac, and since there is no start button like on a PC I'm not really sure how to look up all the programs on my machine, other than clicking the icons at the bottom of the screen.  The itunes icon gives me a pop up box that says it requires QuickTime 7.5.5 or later and when I go to download that it tells me DENIED, SUCKA!  Just kidding, it doesn't say that, exactly.  It just says I need to upgrade my OS. Which I can't.



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    If you're accessing iTunes from the Dock (at the bottom of the screen) try a right click (or control-click) on the iTunes icon and select "Show in Finder", then perform a "Get Info" on the iTunes icon in the Finder.


    It should show the version you are on in the resulting popup.


    Which version of QuickTime do you currently have installed ? Do the same as above except on the QuickTime Player icon, or find it in the Applications folder if it's not in the Dock.


    I use iTunes v7 and QuickTime v7.4. You may be able to go with a later version if you want.


    iTunes v8.2.1 is here: http://support.apple.com/kb/DL857

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    Leopard can run the newest iTunes, and on a G5.  You probably do need to update Quicktime, but rather than use Software Update I would just download directly from Apple.  A quick web search for "Quicktime download Leopard" reveals, for example, version 7.7 for Leopard at http://support.apple.com/kb/dl761  There may even be newer versions; I just didn't bother looking.


    You do need a version of iTunes that was current with when you bought your phone -- it will have specific requirements printed in 8 point font in medium gray type on a light gray box.  I do know somebody who uses an iPhone4s without a computer, but maybe you don't want to do the same.


    I believe full use of iCloud requires Lion, which is out of the question.


    If you really want to run older versions of iTunes you can certainly do so (I never went past 7.5), but it depends upon whether you want/need any of the advanced features.  You also cannot downgrade easily, so if you used your library with iTunes 10 and didn't keep a copy of the old library files then it will likely have irreversibly been converted to a newer format.


    There's very few versions of iTunes available for download.  Very Apple-ish.  iTunes 9.2.1 is the last available before the present 10.4


    http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite.net/content.info.apple.com/iTunes9/061-8202. 20100427.5vfkH/iTunes9.1.1.dmg


    I'm not sure why all this iMovie stuff came up since I didn't see you ask about it in your original post, but oh well.

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    I'm not sure why all this iMovie stuff came up since I didn't see you ask about it in your original post, but oh well



    Sorry Christina, thanks Limnos, no idea how iTunes turned into iMovie for me... getting old I guess.

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    Too much i-this-'n'-that these days. iSn't there?

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    In order for the OP to stil sync her iPhone 4 to the Mac thru iTunes, she is going to need either the most recent version of iTunes or something very close to recent.

    Unfortunately, there are some newer features in the latest iTunes that we PowerPC users can't take advanyage of. That stated, there are some features we all can still use.

    One of them, off the top of my head, that I use with my iPad is iTunes Home Sharing feature.

    If OP ever wants to purchase and use another new iDevice, she is gong to need more recent versions of iTunes

    Her G5 can run the last version of QuickTime for PowerPC which is version 7.7.

    The Most recent version of iTunes (10.5.2) will run fine on her G5.

    And I have to agree with BD, ITunes is getting worse and worse. Too many things this app is being required to do, support and keep track of and it's getting more and more bloated.

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    iTunes started out as a music playing and organizing application.  It has changed into predominantly being a front for the iTunes Store, interface between computer and i-devices, and the original functions have taken last place in terms of the development of new features.  I stopped updating at version 7.5 when I saw the new versions were marginal in terms of new music playing features and were largely being developed for marketing other Apple things.  When I purchased an mp3 player I also decided that although non-Apple players have their own set of issues when working with Macs, I could find workarounds for those but not for iPods which absolutely required new iTunes to do even basic functions.  We have purchased two media players and both were not Apple media players.


    A long as you don't need/want to interface with a new i-gadget, or make purchases from iTunes Store, you don't need to upgrade any further than you desire.

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    Thanks Limnos!


    I never thought to google Quicktime for Leopard.  Unfortunately, I'm that kind of computer user, makes it hard to fix, update or add anything!  Guess I should add 'Leopard' to just about all my computer update searches for the mac.  iTunes is opening for me now and at the very least I'll be able to put all my music in there and use it to add more and swap out music on my ipods.  I don't put music on my phone anyway and can continue to use my pc to sync my phone with.



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    Thanks for the info!  So is it possible to still sync my iPhone 4 with the Power mac, even if I have the iCloud on my phone?  Just not use it with the cloud?

    Honestly, I don't really care for the iCloud, think I'm just too dumb to either work it, or understand it's benefits.  Other than being able to remotely shut down my info if it's stolen I'm not sure what the heck it does.  Does it put the stuff on the iCloud in my iTunes for permanent backup or do I still have to sync with the cable?  Because, a cabled sync would update all my info into my computer and I'd have it all saved in case of breaking, loss or theft, right?  So why iCloud?  Seems like double work.  I'd just as soon turn off iCloud on my phone and sync it with the Power mac if that is an option.


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    PowerPC users, like us, really wont be able to take advantage of iCloud.

    Although, I noticed it worked a few times for me. I dowloaded an app on my iPad which ended up on both my iPod Touch and iTunes list. I haven't seen this do this, again, since though.

    The ideas are that you can upload all of your music to the cloud (for a yearly fee) and have all that same music stream to all your different iDevice antime over WiFi.

    Also, by uploading music to the cloud, you have the option of freeing up memory on your iDevices by eliminating or reducing the amount of music stored on an iDevice.

    The same with any photos, movies or data that you use in one iApp that you may have on your other iDevices, as well.

    If allowed, they will, automatically, download to all of your other iDevices.

    The problems I have with this technology is the you need a constant WiFi signal or Wifi/3G/4G access to do all of this. I live in a rural area and even if I go to areas around me that are more populated and have the places I go to that I know have WiFi access, there are only very few locations I can get wireless access.I do not want or have to pay for 3G/4G access,so my options are limited.

    The issues are that with limited wireless access, I really can't see uploading my entire iTunes library to the cloud and not have any music on my iDevices. There would be times when I could never access my music this way.

    Other than having a backup in the cloud of all of your mobile data, for security, I don't see the real advantage, at least for me, right now, to use this.