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Hi all,


I suscribed to Itunes match . I noticed that my playlist were uploaded to the cloud in the same time. However, some playlist that were uploaded are obsolete and I deleted them in my local Itunes (on the PC). Do you know how to delete them from the cloud? I have the playlist visible on my phones. I would like to delete the playlist from everywhere.


Any clues?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
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    While iTunes Match periodically re-scans, you may want to go to the Store menu and select "update iTunes Match.  Once the cloud database is updated, if the deleted playlists still show up on your phones, you might want to try a refresh by going into settings and toggling the new option to show only the music that is on your iPhone.  By default it should be set to show you everything on your phone and available to play/download from the cloud.