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Jeff Forti Level 1 (0 points)

I have a new Ipone 4S.  It recognises my home network but I get error message " Unable to join the network".   When viewing networks mine has the small padlock beside it.   It does not ask for a password?   Any ideas please...   Jeff

  • Spac3Monkey Level 1 (25 points)

    Hi Jeff


    First of all try this


    Unplug the modem,

    wait 30 seconds,

    plug it back in,

    go to the iPhone settings and select general and then network settings and Reset the network settings,

    Restart the iPhone and try to connect again, putting in your password when asked


    If this does not work then we'll need some more information like

    1) What else uses your home network?

    2) What encryption do you have 64 bit / 128 bit etc

    3) What have you tried (for ruling out purposes)

    4) What router do you have?

    5) Go to iphone settings, wi-fi, select the blue arrow next to your network, what does each section say?