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I recently upgraded to an iphone 4S from a iphone 3GS.  The new phone was restored with my 3GS settings, apps, etc. For some recent  Iam able to sync with my iphone 3GS and my iTunes library (cabled) and all songs are successfully sync'd.  I am not able to do the same with my iphone 4S - am unable to sync all the songs across to my iphone 4S. I keep getting essage that a number song could not be synced and see itunes for error message.


I have have restored the iphone 4S a couple of times from backup but to no avail.  Using the latest ios and itunes versions for both.  Any help would be appreciated in resolving this issue. From the various threads, this seems to be a common issue.





iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1