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how can i see bollywood movies and hindi serials in apple tv.

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    Your only options would be:


    1 - If they are available to rent/purchase in itunes store in your region


    2 - You have an Airplay compatible iPhone/iPad and apps that can play such video AND ALLOW Airplay to AppleTV (not all apps or websites allow this).


    3 - As 2 but using Airplay mirroring of an iPhone 4S or iPad2 screen


    4 - You have access to and can convert the video to h264 format for local streaming from itunes to AppleTV.  If you have non copy-protected video try Handbrake app to convert.  Discussion of circumventing copy-protected video is prohibited here.



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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    I'm not sure where you are, unfortunately we don't see a lot here in the UK either. I rather think much of it is to do with the studios, but it wouldn't do any harm to suggest it, if you have any suggestions that you think might enhance the Apple TV you can send Apple your feedback here.