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Hey there!


Here's every detail of the problem:


1- My iTunes (10.5.2) doesn't give me any options for apple tv in any menu. Some troubleshooting article I remember said something like «go to Settings - Apple TV - Always Search for Apple TVs» or something like that, yet my itunes settings have NOTHING for Apple TV.


2- Following all setup instructions and usual troubleshooting solutions, i KNOW that all options and settings available to me are set correctly and everything  should work normally, yet my iTunes shows no recognition of my Apple TV AND my Apple TV «Computers» menu is nothing but a «Home Sharing is turned on, make sure that all Home Sharing devices are using the same Apple ID account» message.


3- Of course, yes, all my devices ARE setup with the same Apple ID account, with Home Sharing turned on everywhere. Also I'm not using a Firewall, and none of my devices have any trouble connecting to my one and only router, all at once.


So I figure the main problem is my itunes acting like Apple TV doesn't exist. Any ideas/solutions?


Thanks in advance.

AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.5.8), iTunes 10.5.2