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I have a problem with my BRAND NEW iPod Touch 4th Gen. It just won't sit in any dock I have - I even tested it in a shop that sold Apple hardware (not an Apple Store) and it wouldn't fit in an official iPod Dock! It appears I have the same issue as many hundreds of thousands of iPod Touch owners in that there is something in the actual iPod connector that is preventing the iPod from seating in any dock.


I am not prepared to take a knife to my iPod to try and fix the problem considering I have just paid £299 for a 64GB iPod Touch, when Apple are blatantly aware of the problem due to the countless threads on this forum. I am taking my iPod back to the Apple Store (at great inconvenience to myself seeing as there is not one nearby) to show them and hopefully get a swap for one that works.


I would like to comment on the suggested fixes on here:


1) I need to buy an iPod Touch 4th Gen Official iPod Dock from Apple - NO WAY. This has nothing to do with the actual 30 pin connector in the iPod itself. Buying one of these will NOT solve the problem at all.


2) You need to update to the latest firmware on your iPod / Docking Station - NO WAY. If I update my firmware, will it magically change the hardware on the iPod to make it fit? I don't think so.


3) Taking a small knife / pair of tweezers and try and push back the small plastic part preventing the dock - NO WAY. If I pay £299 for an iPod, I expect it to work from the off. I should not have to perform some home surgery on an expensive item like this in order to make it work as expected.


Apple - Shame on you. Selling products that don't actually work as designed and then remaining in the shadows when there are countless complaints on these forums is disgraceful. How about you come out from hiding and issue an official response to these obvious design flaws?

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1
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    And your question for us users is?

    This is a user-to-user forum and we are just users like yourself.  You are not addressing Apple hre.  To inform Apple of your displeasure go here:

    Apple - iPod touch - Feedback

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    My apologies.


    My question would be - has anybody got a more official response other than a DIY solution?

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    No.  I have no seen any posted in this forum.  Are you saying that the adopter does not work?

    iPod Universal Dock Adapter 3-Pack...

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    This will not work. The actual connection on the iPod does not sit on the dock because something inside the iPod itself is preventing this. Buying a piece of plastic dock adapter will not do a thing to rectify this. It is an issue with the internal connector on the iPod.

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    Despite the fact that you didn't ask a question (which is the purpose of these discussions) I'll go out on a limb here and re-post an observation I made previously about this issue.  The fact that you have more than one Dock suggests that you have had iPods before.


    Previous generations of iPods shipped with an adaptor (in the box) that held the iPod onto any Dock. So you fit the adaptor onto the Dock and then place the iPod into the adaptor. Different generations of iPod had their own size of adaptor. However, the 4th gen does not ship with the adaptor in the box (as far as I can tell) so you need to buy an one, specifically for a 4th gen Touch.


    If you have a previous iPod which you used with the Dock, your new 4th gen Touch does not fit into the adaptor for the old iPod. You need to carefully remove the adaptor and fit the new 4th gen one.



    See http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1380 for some drawings of the Dock and the adaptors, which make it clear how the adaptor system works. (I think it's a very good solution to fitting different models of iPod into the same Dock.)


    As for your observations -

    1. The adaptor designed for the 4th generation Touch will fix the problem.
    2. Agreed - changing the software will not sort out this problem. Are you sure that the person who recommended this to you was competent?
    3. The small knife is used to release the adaptor from the Dock where it is held in place by a small nib. See the drawings on the page I linked to.

    Here https://discussions.apple.com/message/15075163#15075163 is the post from which I took my text above (modfied from the original Bose Dock). You will notice that the original poster did not respond to me, so we have no way of knowing whether my suggestion worked. (Nothing I can do about that.)


    Here's another post I contributed to; https://discussions.apple.com/message/12830504#12830504 in which there is a suggestion that there is a mechanical problem. Perhaps it may help you, although I'm not convinced by the argument yet.

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    I have already apologised for not originally asking a question...


    Thanks for your comprehensive reply. However, I do not think you understand my original problem as perhaps I didn't make it clear in my first post.


    I use a dock without any adapter because I own an iPhone, an iPod Classic (which no longer works) and the new iPod Touch (4th Gen), so I can't be doing with changing the adapter every time I put in the different device. My dock works with all devices, EXCEPT the iPod Touch. It seems as though there is something physically stopping the iPod sitting properly on the male dock connector on the dock itself, and as the dock connections are universal across all new devices, it appears there is a physical problem with the female dock connector on my iPod Touch.


    It is for this very reason why I believe the dock adapter will make no difference at all because it is the actual metal pins that are not dicking properly, not the case.

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    Are you able to take a phtograph of the Dock Connector on your 4th gen Touch? If you can post that picture here, I for one would be very interested as I could then compare it with my iPods.


    I will be astounded if Apple have made the 4th generation Touch in such a way that it cannot be used with existing Docks. It's hard to believe they could have made such an elementary mistake.

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    I will do, but need to go on my laptop to upload the picture. I'm on the way to an Apple Store to show them my issue, so will keep this updated.


    I believe there is some sort of issue internally to the iPod connector which is causing the issue - not intentionally, but could be down to the manufacturing process. Some fixes on here suggest scraping a small portion of plastic off from inside the iPod connector, which is too risky in my opinion, but seemed to fix it. Would rather Apple take a look first though!

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    Good idea. Take in one of your other iPods for comparison.


    By the way - a close up of the Dock so we can see as much detail as possible.


    I look forward to hearing your progress.

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    Problem was with iPod touch itself. The connector inside the phone was not dead centre, which meant the iPod would not sit correctly in the dock, even on Apple's Universal Dock! Left the store with a new iPod, which fits properly and left the Apple Staff confused!


    It had nothing to do with the Apple Adapter for their Universal Dock either.

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    westhearcher wrote:


    Problem was with iPod touch itself. The connector inside the phone was not dead centre, which meant the iPod would not sit correctly in the dock, even on Apple's Universal Dock!

    Ah! That would definitely explain the problem that several users have reported, although this is the first time I have seen the cause correctly identified. It would suggest a manufacturing problem that the Apple will need to address. I wonder if they know about it yet? (You would hope that the Store staff would send that unit of yours back to "Apple Central" so that the problem can be fixed.)


    Perhaps it may help if you (as the user who had the problem) were to submit some Product Feedback at http://www.apple.com/feedback/ipodtouch.html and for the Feedback Type, I suppose "Connectivity" is the best option.


    Explain the difficulty of fitting the iPod onto a Docking Station and say that an Apple Store (mention which one) exchanged it as it appeared that yours had an off-centre connector. In fact, add a link to this discussion.


    You are unlikely to receive any feedback from Apple about your submission, but believe me, they do read them and when neccessary, act upon them too.


    Illaass, if you're still watching this discussion, do you have any thoughts on my suggestions here, including "westhearcher" submitting feedback?

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    I just found the solution for the same problem in a different discussion link today.  By the time I logged in, I had trouble finding the same discussion so I will post the solution that worked for me here.  I have owned my Ipod Touch, gen4 since they first came out, about 2 years.  I tried it in several docking stations and it never worked in any of them.  After reading similar discussions, the problem was pointed out, just like mentioned earlier in this discussion, a small piece in the unit is blocking the correct seating of the unit on the docking station. 


    Holding the Ipod with the display side up and the bottom connector facing me, I inserted my fingernail between the black plastic strip in the center of the connector and the metal backing of the unit.  I could slide my fingernail all the way to the left but not all the way to the right.  I moved my fingernail back and forth several times until there was no longer any resistance on the right side and my fingernail went all the way to the metal case back.  Then I inserted my Ipod in the dock (without removing my thin decorative plastic case) and it worked just fine. 


    Personally, I would never take a chance on inserting an exacto knife or tweesers into the unit as some others have done.  This was quick and easy.  No risk.  Finally I have fixed the only flaw in a wonderful product.